Box art - Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 1.03 Update patch notes | What’s new?

The Resident Evil 2 remake is still one of the best games of the year, despite stiff competition from the multitude of great games out this month. What’s even better is that publisher Capcom still continues to support the game with new updates. The previous update 1.02 added some brand new free DLC to the game, bringing three additional characters to play in their own takes on the game’s quick-run Survivor mode. Now the Resident Evil 2 1.03 update is here, so what new goodies can we expect this time?

Resident Evil 2 1.03 Update | What’s in the new update?

If you’re expecting another massive update with a load of free DLC, like with version 1.02, it’s time to dampen your enthusiasm. The latest update for the Resident Evil 2 remake merely focuses on further polishing what was already a highly-polished experience. The new update contains fixes for stuttering, lag, and crashing issues in the game, as well as getting rid of some non-specific glitches, framerate drops, and freezing problems that remained in Resident Evil 2. The 1.03 update patch notes also mention further performance and stability improvements, as well as “other minor fixes and changes.” There’s also a note about “gameplay improvements” too, although Capcom didn’t go into detail on what they are.

Resident Evil 2 1.03 Update | What could be coming in the next update?

While Capcom continues to update the Resident Evil 2 remake with new weekly challenges, it has not announced any further DLC, paid or free, after Ghost Survivors. There is still one piece left of Resident Evil 2 that hasn’t yet made it into the remake, that of the Extreme Battle mode which was included in later versions of the game. It was also a gauntlet battle, similar to Ghost Survivors, although included a choice of playable characters, even including Claire’s brother Chris Redfield. This may possibly be added to Resident Evil 2 in a later update, if we’re lucky and Capcom is kind.