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Anthem Fly Faster | How to fly faster and longer

The Anthem fly faster technique is one of the best ways to get around the gigantic world that BioWare has created. Your jetpacks don’t last for an infinite amount of time though. Find out how to fly faster and longer in Anthem with our guide.

Anthem Fly Faster | How to speed up flying and glide for longer

Anthem fly faster

If you want your flying in Anthem to be extended past the normal length of time, there’s a neat little trick that you can perform. To fly faster and longer in the game, you simply need to use your melee and dodge mechanics to help you.

If you don’t know what the controls for these are, we’re here to help. To dodge on PC, you’ll want to press the CTRL key. If you’re playing on PS4, the circle button is your friend. On Xbox One, you’ll want to use the B button.

To use melee on PC, the V key is your default setting. You can, of course, remap either ability to a different key if you prefer. For PS4 and Xbox One, the default button to press is the triangle button and Y button respectively.

Anthem Fly Faster | How do dodging and melee help?

Anthem fly faster

You might be thinking that using these two abilities wouldn’t have an impact on flying in Anthem. After all, you’re still airborne, so using them is still using up energy to fly and hover, right?

Not necessarily. Evading and using melee, even when there are no enemies nearby, doesn’t take up any energy from your jetpack. This means that, should you run out of jetpack energy, you can still move through the air with dodging and melees. The Interceptor, with its three dodges, is a great class for taking advantage of this technique, and is also a strong class for melee.