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Anthem There Be Giants | How to find and defeat all four named Titans

Anthem, the latest game from the sci-fi RPG masters at BioWare, is out now, and as it’s a games-as-service-style loot shooter, it’s being continually updated with new content for fans to take on. The latest event available is the Anthem There Be Giants Freeplay Challenge, and it’s the first event to go live in the game world since the official launch last Friday.

This new Challenge involves tracking down four powerful Titans, some of the game’s toughest adversaries, around the world, but where are the Titans locations in Anthem? Where can you find and accept the There Be Giants Challenge? What do you get for beating it? And perhaps most importantly, what do you do if it’s not showing up for you? We’ll do our best to help.

What is the Anthem There Be Giants Freeplay Challenge?

There Be Giants is Anthem‘s first in-game event, and it takes place entirely in Freeplay mode, which is where you freely explore the open-world of Bastion. This is the first part of Anthem‘s first Act, “Echoes of Reality,” as detailed in BioWare’s Roadmap for the game. There Be Giants will link into two other Freeplay events, Outlaw Outrage and Shaper Surge, following the game’s launch. While There Be Giants is currently only running until this Sunday, March 3, it will return later in March (and alongside the other two events) for the “Evolving World” part of the ongoing roadmap.

The goal of the Anthem There Be Giants Challenge is to find and defeat four Titans with special names, who are scattered across the Freeplay game world. These Titans are named War, Ruin, Bane, and Havoc, and are hard enough to find, much less to take down. You’ll certainly know them when you see them, at least, but it’s getting to them that’s the trouble. If you complete the Challenge, you’ll get the lovely Foundation Vinyl to apply to your Javelin.

 Where can I find the Challenge?

If you’re lucky, when Anthem starts and the news feed pops up, you should see There Be Giants right there on the welcome screen. Scroll to it and click it for the details. Alternatively, if it doesn’t show up, you may have a little trouble finding it as, frankly, Anthem‘s quest and Challenge management system is awful. It’s certainly not on the mission menu. It’s a Challenge in Freeplay mode, so presumably it can be found under Challenges/Freeplay, right? Wrong. It’s under Challenges/Combat instead, alongside the various “get a certain amount of kills in this way” tasks. Perfectly natural. Regardless, that’s where you’ll find There Be Giants.

Where are the named Titans in Anthem?

The four Titans are scattered across the map, and despite their size they can be a little difficult to find. For starters, the named Titans are not marked on the map in any way, even if you track the quest. Consequently, if you wanted to find them yourself, you’d have to explore the map at random. Fortunately we’ve got maps on where to find them, courtesy of user Only_Pax on Reddit. There is another problem with the Titans involving spawning, but we’ll get to that. For now let’s focus on the locations.

The Ruin Titan spawns in the Great Falls Canyon region. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly on the green circle at the top of the map above, but will appear in the general region, probably splashing about happily by the Falls itself. Put an end to its happiness.

The Havoc Titan will appear in the south-eastern corner of the map, directly east of Fort Tarsis, in the Eastern Reach. Just like the Ruin Titan, it can found approximately on the circle above, but if not, keep exploring the Eastern Reach until you spot it. It’s a long area so keep an eye out and don’t fly too high.

The Bane Titan can usually be found just between the two, east of Fort Tarsis, north of the Valley of Tarsis, and south of the Great Fall Canyon (and the Ruin Titan’s location).  However, weirdly, the Bane Titan can actually appear far farther south in the Valley of Tarsis region, especially if other World Events are going on in the region. Take a good look around.

The War Titan is where things get a bit tricky. It has a similar setup to the other three named Titans, but the location can be wildly different. Many players have reported this particular Titan to be directly on the words “Monument Watch” in that region, but other players, including our mapmaker, found the War Titan somewhere between Emerald Abyss, High Road, and Monument Watch. If you don’t find it in one, fly to the other, and hopefully it’ll show up somewhere along the way.

What do I do if the Challenge doesn’t appear for me?

The most likely problem you’re having is that the Titans simply aren’t spawning for you. Sometimes if another player has recently killed one, it’ll be a while before it appears, or simply can be found in a different location near the map circles above. It’s a little bugged right now, but keep looking. Alternatively, the whole Challenge is not showing up at all for some players, not in the News or the Challenges/Combat list. If this happens, it’s possible you’re not high enough a level, or haven’t progressed far enough in the game to get it. Or, once again, it’s bugged. You may have to wait for the event to reappear in March before you can take it on. Sorry.