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Hogs and Kisses Unlockables

Level 16, 17, 18 - Beat all 15 levels and then press the

Big Present Stage - Clear all levels with three stars result

Golden Egg Stage - Obtain the golden egg on level 1-13

Special trailer - Clear all levels


Pork O'Lantern - Halloween World 1 Finished(10)

Ominous Oinker - Halloween World 2 Finished(10)

Haunted Ham - Halloween World 3 Finished(10)

Halloween: Total Destruction - Halloween: Earn 3 stars in all levels(30)

Halloween - Score Addict - Halloween: Get 4,100,000 points(30)

Pumpkin Smasher - 300 pumpkins smashed(10)

Woodpecker - 5,000 wooden blocks smashed(10)

Stone Cutter - 5,000 stone blocks smashed(10)

Ice Picker - 5,000 ice blocks smashed(10)

Pig Popper - 1,000 pigs smashed(10)

Bird Slinger - 5,000 birds shot(10)

Block Smasher - 10,000 blocks smashed(20)

Smash Maniac - 50,000 blocks smashed(30)

Unwrapper - 300 presents smashed(10)

Snowplower - 1,500 snow blocks smashed(10)

The Grinch - 1,000 presents smashed(10)

Holiday Spirit - Season's Greedings finished(10)

Season's Greedings: Total Destruction - Season's Greedings: Three stars in all levels(30)

Season's Greedings: Score Addict - Season's Greedings: 2,080,000 points earned(30)

Chocolate Lover - 300 chocolate boxes broken(10)

Cloud Buster - 1,500 clouds busted(10)

All's Fair in Love and War - Hogs and Kisses finished(10)

Hogs and Kisses: Total Destruction - Hogs and Kisses: Three stars in all levels(30)

Hogs and Kisses: Score Addict - Hogs and Kisses: Get 1,650,000 points(30)

Leprechaun's Seceret - 300 pots of gold broken(10)

Pennywise - 300 money piles hit(10)

It's all Hunky Dory! - Go Green, Get Lucky finished(10)

Go Green, Get Lucky: Total Destruction - Go Green, Get Lucky: three stars earned in all levels(30)

Go Green, Get Lucky: Score Addict - Go Green, Get Lucky: Earn 1,735,000 points(30)

The Egg Man - 300 easter eggs borken(10)

Bunny Hunter - 300 piggy bunnies popped(10)

Hardboiled Eggs - Easter Eggs finished(10)

Easter Eggs: Total Destruction - Easter Eggs: Earn three stars in all levels(30)

Easter Eggs: Score Addict - Easter Eggs: Earn 1,910,000 points in all Easter levels(30)

Oops a Daisy - Pick 300 flowers(10)

Picnic Pooper - Break 300 picnic items(10)

Oh, Those Summer Nights - Finish Summer Pignic(10)

Summer Pignic: Score Addict - Summer Pignic: Earn 3,398,000 points(30)

Summer Pignic: Total Destruction - Summer Pignic: Earn three stars in all levels(30)

Aquiline Benefactor - Mighty Eagle unlocked(10)

Feather Picker - Earn 30 feathers(10)

Feather Collector - Earn 60 feathers(20)

Feather Gatherer - Earn 120 feathers(30)

Shut the Lights! - Break 300 Lanterns(10)

Bunny Hopper - Break 300 Bunnies(10)

Bright Side of the Moon - Finish Moon Festival(10)

Moon Festival: Total Destruction - Moon Festival: Earn three stars in all levels(30)

Moon Festival: Score Addict - Moon Festival: Earn 3,264,000 points(30)

All Around The Globe - Orange Bird unlocked(10)

Lovely Bones - 300 bones broken(10)

Black is the New Black - 300 black pumpkins broken(10)

Eggxorcist - Ham'o'ween Finished(10)

Ham'o'ween: Total Destruction - Ham'o'ween: Earn three stars in all levels(30)

Ham'o'ween: Score Addict - Ham'o'ween: Earn 2,870,000 points(30)

Cookie Crumbler - Break 300 Cookies(10)

Merry Happy! - Finish Wreck the Halls(10)

Wreck the Halls: Total Destruction - Wreck the Halls: Earn three stars in all levels(30)

Wreck the Halls: Score Addict - Wreck the Halls: Earn 2,466,000 points(10)

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