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Anthem PS4 Bricking Fix | Stop console shutting down

It’s safe to say that Anthem hasn’t had the best of launches for EA or BioWare. Just a quick look around will let you know that it has been on the receiving end of plenty of criticism thanks to seemingly endless bugs and glitches. Now, it appears as though there is a potential Anthem bricking consoles bug. Read on to discover a potential Anthem PS4 bricking fix.

Yesterday, we wrote of how Anthem shutdowns PS4s and even bricked a PS4. The trouble is, there are plenty of you out there enjoying the game’s online co-op and multiplayer. Is it safe to play Anthem on PS4? Read on to find out all you need to know, including how to stop console shutting down when playing Anthem.

Anthem Bricking Consoles | Is it safe to play Anthem on PS4?

Anthem Bricking Consoles

Yesterday, plenty of Anthem players took to Reddit and other forums to explain that their PS4s and Xbox Ones have been shutting down while playing Anthem. It turns out that Anthem is liable to crash when playing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Usually, these crashes will send you back to the home screen, but occasionally, they will turn your console off. This obviously is not a good thing at all.

To make matters worse, there has been one report of Anthem bricking a player’s PS4. There are multiple theories as to why Anthem is hard rebooting and shutting down PS4 consoles. It could be that the game causes the console to overheat, although this has been disputed. Whatever the reason, the PS4 certainly doesn’t like to be shut down when it shouldn’t have been.

For many, the hard crashes and system shutdowns are happening when trying to quit Anthem or while searching in matchmaking. Unfortunately, until EA or BioWare addresses the issue, we’d recommend steering clear of Anthem. Even if your console doesn’t brick while playing, if it is hard resetting your console multiple times, it won’t be good news for your hard drive. Thankfully, EA is aware of the issue. You can continue playing Anthem, but it’s at your own risk.

Anthem PS4 Bricking Fix | How to stop console shutting down

Anthem PS4 Bricking fix

Although we would still recommend you stop playing Anthem while EA or BioWare work on a true fix via a patch, there is a quick fix you can pull off if Anthem bricks your PS4. That is, thanks to Redditor u/katcher12.

While this fix won’t stop Anthem from shutting down your PS4, it should get your beloved machine back up and running (hopefully). If Anthem has caused your PS4 to shutdown of its own accord, following these steps should help you get it back up and running:

  • Start your PS4 in Safe Mode (hold the power button on the console until you hear two loud beeps)
  • Choose the “Rebuild Database” option
  • Wait for it to finish

You see, Anthem may not be bricking your PS4. It might corrupt your PS4’s file management system. Choosing to rebuild its database should get your console back up and running, with all save files and installs ready and available. Please, though, do not choose Initialize. This will wipe your console’s hard drive. We’d still recommend you avoid Anthem after going through these steps, though, in case it keeps on happening, or something worse materializes.