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Dragon Age 2 PC Cheats

As the sequel of the epically awesome Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II hardly needs an introduction. Coinciding with the story from the first title, it tells the tale of Sir Hawke, of his escape from The Fifth Blight in the kingdom of Fereldan to the fair (or rather, unfair) shores of Kirkwall where his family is meant to have an estate. However, it becomes clear that his family's wealth has been squandered, and to reclaim his family's former glory, he must rise from a lowly refugee to a champion.


Dragon Age II Cheats

Make a shortcut to your "da2.exe" file (typically located in the C:Program Files (x86)Dragon Age 2bin_ship folder) on your desktop, Start Menu, or wherever. Right click on the shortcut, choose Properties, then add the following to the end of line in the "Target" field: -enabledeveloperconsole — it should look something like this: "C:Program Files (x86)Dragon Age 2bin_shipDragonAge2.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole Once that is all taken care of, type the following commands into the console after activating it, in-game (typically the "~" key). Note that you often won't see any notification that something has changed. Also note that you will not see the console, or what you are typing - this is normal. Furthermore, note that the console is automatically closed when you press Enter, so there is no need to "toggle it off" (doing so will bring it back on, which can make it seem like the game is stuck and doesn't respond to input).

1 minute attribute buff, where x is attribute and y is amount.runscript dbg_setattrib x y
Add experience points to your character(s) for faster leveling uprunscript addxp
Allows you to add any member to your partyrunscript zz_dae_debug
Changes player to a level 2 magerunscript chargen mage
Changes player to a level 2 roguerunscript chargen rogue
Changes player to a level 2 warriorrunscript chargen warrior
Creates a invisible force field that knocks back anything close to yourunscript bowlingforferelden
Gives player 1000man/stamina, 1000 health and 50 strength and 50 dexterityrunscript zz_supercrit player
God Moderunscript pc_immortal
Heals your character(s)runscript healplayer
kill all enemiesrunscript killallhostiles
Opens an interface that will let you adjust a companion's Friendship/Rivalry levelrunscript zz_app_debug
Opens the enchantment windowrunscript zz_upgrade
Removes all injuries from partyrunscript injury remparty
Where "xx" is the amount of gold you want to add to your inventoryrunscript addmoney xx