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Is Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer? | Is there split-screen co-op or online?

Even though Devil May Cry has always been a solo franchise, Devil May Cry 5 does have multiplayer. However, it isn’t what you’d expect. So is this new Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer split-screen co-op, or is it just online? It can be a little confusing but let’s look at the multiplayer works in Devil May Cry 5.

Is split-screen co-op or online multiplayer in Devil May Cry 5?

Devil May Cry 5 | Is it split-screen co-op/online multiplayer?

First things first, there is no local multiplayer in Devil May Cry 5. This means there is no split-screen cooperative multiplayer nor is there any split-screen competitive multiplayer.

All of the multiplayer is online only and is simple to understand but quite unique. Instead of working with someone, the game has something called the “Cameo System.” Many of the environments are huge and span across multiple levels and characters. For example, one level could take place in a huge city block but V could be on one side of the ravine and Nero could be on the other. It’s the same place but both characters go through it in a different way in a different chapter.

This is where the game’s Cameo System comes into play. In these specific levels, you’ll see “Starring” on the left side of the screen followed by a name. This means that someone is playing in that place but with a different character on another chapter. These can be live gameplay or just a recording of someone else.

Sometimes the name will say “DMC Crew” instead of an actual gamertag, which means that it is just a computer is playing instead of a human. These are ghosts of the development team.

You can’t invite anyone’s cameo to be in your game nor can you always fight alongside someone else in the game. However, there are a few scenarios where you can directly interact with other players.  So while there is not traditional multiplayer in Devil May Cry 5, it does have its own type of multiplayer.