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Devil May Cry 5 How Long to Beat | How many missions?

Devil May Cry 5 doesn’t take long to beat, but there’s an emphasis here on replayability. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about how many missions Devil May Cry 5 has. That being said, we’ll go over how many missions there are in the game below and give you a rough estimate at how much time an average playthrough will be.

Also, keep in mind that the time it will take you to beat Devil May Cry 5 depends largely on what difficulty you choose. If you play on the easiest setting, you’ll be able to breeze through the game in no time. On higher difficulties, not so much.

How long to beat Devil May Cry 5?

During your first playthrough of Devil May Cry 5 you’ll be looking at around 10-12 hours to beat it. This includes cutscenes, so if you skip them you can subtract another 45 minutes or so. This estimate is based on playing on Devil Hunter mode, which is equivalent to normal difficulty.

As you play through the game multiple times and unlock new difficulties, the time to beat Devil May Cry 5 will vary. You’ll be getting better at the game, but it will also get much harder, so you’ll likely be looking at around 8-10 hours for subsequent playthroughs.

Since there’s so much emphasis on multiple runs through the story, though, you’re going to be looking at around 35-40 hours to unlock everything. It takes more than one or two playthroughs to unlock everyone’s abilities and unlock and complete the multiple tiers of difficulty.

How many missions in Devil May Cry 5

There are 20 missions in Devil May Cry 5, and you can see their names below (Spoilers Ahead):

Click here to see mission list (SPOILERS)
  • Mission 1 – Nero
  • Mission 2 – Qliphoth
  • Mission 3 – Flying Hunter
  • Mission 4 – V
  • Mission 5 – The Devil Sword Sparda
  • Mission 6 – Steel Impact
  • Mission 7 – United Front
  • Mission 8 – Demon King
  • Mission 9 – Genesis
  • Mission 10 – Awaken
  • Mission 11 – Reason
  • Mission 12 – Yamato
  • Mission 13 – Three Warriors
  • Mission 14 – Diverging Point: V
  • Mission 15 – Diverging Point: Nero
  • Mission 16 – Diverging Point: Dante
  • Mission 17 – Brothers
  • Mission 18 – Awakening
  • Mission 19 – Vergil
  • Mission 20 – True Power

Each mission lasts around 30-45 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about playing the game all in one sitting. There are also secret missions that you can find that extend your total game time.