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The Division 2 Fastest Running Speed | Do you run faster with a pistol?

If you’ve played a lot of shooters, you may have become to associate lighter weapons with a faster running speed. But how does that apply to The Division 2 fastest running speed? Swapping out that bulky M60 for a handgun seems like a no-brainer, as surely you run faster with a pistol? Well, we’ve done some testing and can now offer some accurate information on whether or not it’s worth the weapon swap or not.

The Division 2 Pistol Running Speed

The Division 2 Fastest Running Speed

While it may seem like you run faster with the pistol in The Division 2, as the animation is certainly faster, you don’t actually cover more ground. This means that while it certainly looks quicker, The Division 2 pistol running speed is in fact no faster than that when running with an assault rifle, or other “heavy” weapon.

We recorded ourselves running the same distance three times with our pistol equipped, and three times with our assault rifle equipped. We compared the times taken and they were all within margin of error.

This is the same as how it worked in The Division, with the pistol running speed animation looking faster, without actually being faster. It looks like developer Massive Entertainment has gone ahead and used the same approach in The Division 2.

What is the fastest The Division 2 run speed?

The Division 2 Fastest Running Speed

At the time of writing, The Division 2 fastest running speed is currently the default speed with any weapon equipped. While the original game had a Talent that would boost movement speed by 25 percent, it’s not yet clear if this has made it into the sequel.

It’s also possible that the developers will tweak movement speed in future updates, to add a little more balance to running with lighter weapons. However, given that The Division never experience these changes, it’s just as likely that Massive Entertainment will leave this stat unchanged.