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The Division 2 Incoming Call From Agent | How to turn off ‘On Call Status’

Arguably the best way to experience The Division 2, is to play with other players, either friends that you’ve invited to your game, or total strangers that you just happen to cross paths with. The game has many tools to help players interact with one another, but sometimes, they can be less of blessing and more of a curse. Specifically, The Division 2 “Incoming call from agent” message can be very annoying, constantly alerting you to the fact that some poor soul is desperately seeking help from you in their game. Ignoring these messages doesn’t stop them appearing, as a new notification seems to pop up every 15 minutes or so. So is there anything you can do to stop the “Incoming call from agent” messages? Thankfully, yes! Here’s how to turn off “On Call Status” in The Division 2.

How to turn off The Division 2 “Incoming Call From Agent” message

The Division 2 Incoming Call From Agent

In order to disable those frustrating “Incoming call from agent” messages in The Division 2, players are required to go hunting inside the game’s menus. Head into “Settings,” then scroll down to “Gameplay,” and then scroll all the way to the bottom. You’ll see “On Call Status” activated by default. Simply flick this to “Off” and you’ll finally have the peace and quiet that you’ve been hunting for.

If you ever want to turn this option back on, to perhaps help your fellow players instead of ignoring them and leaving them to fend for themselves, you can head back to this menu and change the setting back to “On.” This will activate the “Incoming call from agent” messages, allowing you to accept and head into another person’s game to offer assistance.

Turning off “On Call Status” can be useful for when you really just want to focus on enjoying the story, without random messages interrupting the narrative.