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Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy | New Battlefront 2 mode coming this month

An all new update is making its way to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 later this month. The Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy update is a new game mode “where non-linear ground battles fuse with the thrill of invading capital ships and taking them down.” This new Battlefront 2 game mode will be released on March 26 for all platforms. Along with the new Capital Supremacy game mode, there are new ship interiors, reinforcements, and even a brand new map being added into the game alongside the update. All of these features aim to aid the Capital Supremacy update to make it the best possible experience for players. Below, we’ve got details on how the Captial Supremacy game mode is going to work.

What is the new Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy game mode?

There are essentially two different phases to the new Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy mode: The Ground Phase and the Invasion Phase. This two-part online multiplayer game pits players in a battle to gain control of terrestrial command posts and then fight one another on their respective ships in the air. Here’s brief rundown on how each of the phases will work, so you’ll be ready to hop in and play on March 26.

The Ground Phase

Battlefront II Capital Supremacy

The Ground Phase is essentially your normal PvP online battle, except with a small twist. AI ground troops will be fighting alongside you and against you. You join an online lobby of 40 players which is split up into two teams of 20. Then, in addition to your team’s 20 players, each team is given 12 AI troopers to fight alongside them. Each squad is fighting for control over five separate command posts. Whichever team gains control over the most command posts throughout the Ground Phase will gain reinforcements, which will be represented by tickets in your team’s progress bar. Whoever gains enough reinforcements to win the Ground Phase will become attackers, and will be given a chance to invade the opposing team’s capital ship. This will give the winning team a chance to gain even more reinforcement tickets, which will come into play in the Invasion Phase. Once the timer runs out for the attackers, the Invasion Phase will begin.

The Invasion Phase

Battlefront II Capital Supremacy

In the Invasion phase, the AI troops will stay on the ground and fight, leaving the battle between online players only. At this point the fight will have switched from the ground to the air. The attackers will take the role of the clones—the heroes of the Clone Wars—and take on the Separatist Dreadnought while the other team will take the side of the Separatists and villains, and will be looking to destroy the Republic Attack Cruiser.

If the attackers win the fight, the game is over. However, if the defenders are able to eliminate enough of the attackers (which depletes their reinforcement tickets) then the battle will go back to the Ground Phase. If the game goes back to the ground, the rules will be similar, but a little bit different.

Back to the Ground Phase, but with a twist

This is essentially the same as the original Ground Phase, but this time there is an advantage for the defending team. They will start off controlling most of the command posts, allowing them to get reinforcement tickets immediately and have a chance for a comeback. However, if the former attackers are able to squash the comeback and launch another invasion, they will take the win.

Geonosis Pipeline Junction West

The battle will take place on an all-new map, known as Geonosis Pipeline Junction West. The map is set among rolling sand dunes with various cliff formations. Filled with toxic waste from droid foundries, you’ll find boneyards filled with the remains of large creatures from all across the galaxy.

The all-new Capital Supremacy game mode sounds pretty interesting, and also a little bit confusing. Since it is a two-phase fight with the chance of going back to the first phase, it sounds like it will probably take bit of time to complete a match. Battlefront 2 had a rough launch but is still trying to hang around and make the game fun for players. The verdict is still out on the Battlefront 2 Capital Supremacy game mode, but players can find out if it’s a success or bust in just a few days when it goes live on March 26. If you want to read more details about the Capital Supremacy mode, you can check out a full rundown on the EA website.