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Sekiro Hidden Key Location | Where do I use the Hidden Key in Sekiro?

The Hidden Temple key can be found in Sekiro in the Hirata Estate area. You’ll need it to proceed into the Hidden Temple in the Main Hall of Hirata Estate. There’s a good chance, though, that you’ve found your way to the temple entrance without actually running across the key. Here’s how to find the Sekiro Hidden Temple key location so you can complete the Hirata Estate area.

Where is the Hidden Temple Key in Sekiro?

Sekiro Hidden Temple Key The Owl

To find the Hidden Temple Key, you need to make it to The Owl, Sekiro’s adopted father, and fellow Shinobi. To do so you can take many routes, but the most direct way is to start from the Hirata Estate Sculptor’s Idol. This is the idol you’ll find just after the bridge you cross in the very first area of the Hirata Estate.

From that idol, you just need to follow the path straight. You’ll reach a gate that’s closed when you first arrive at Hirata Estate, and you’ll need to deviate off the main path to get around it. Once you’ve found your way around the gate, open it for a shortcut and keep following the path.

You’ll reach a flight of stairs where you’ll meet your first enemies carrying shields. The ax takes care of their shields and opens them to an instant deathblow, so you may want to grab that item first, especially since it’s in the vicinity.

Once past the shielded enemies, you’ll come to an area with a large flower patch on one side and a ledge on the other. In this area, you’ll find a few regular enemies and a mini-boss, Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen. Enshin isn’t too tough to take out, and you can stealth hit him to take one deathblow marker down before the fight even begins.

Once Enshin and company are downed, continue to follow the path, and you’ll find the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor’s Idol. Just continue to follow the path, taking out enemies as you go, and you’ll reach a wooden bridge with a few regular enemies and one large one carrying a hammer. You can either take these dudes down, or you can grapple using the branches on the left side of the bridge and sneak past them.

Past the bridge, you’ll find a bunch of buildings on fire. Amidst them is The Owl. Speak with him, and he’ll give you the Hidden Temple Key.

Where do I use the Hidden Temple Key in Sekiro?

Sekiro Hidden Temple Key Door

Once you have the Hidden Temple Key from The Owl, you’ll need to keep playing until you reach the Hirata Estate Main Hall Idol. In this fiery area, you’ll find a mini-boss Juzou the Drunkard, who you’ll have to defeat before you can reach the Hidden Temple entrance.

Once Juzou is no more, head into the building he was guarding. You’ll find the Audience Chamber Sculptor’s Idol, and at the end of the hall, you’ll find a room with some mats. Move the mats, and a secret passage will be unveiled.

At the end of the secret passage in the Audience Chamber, you’ll find a large set of doors. You can use the Hidden Temple Key here. Now you can enter the temple and fight Lady Butterfly, the main boss of the Hirata Estates.