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Fortnite April Fool’s 2019 | What is the April 1 joke?

Many publishers take advantage of April Fool’s Day to bring wild changes to their games, or make publicity stunts to advertise their IPs, and Fortnite is usually no different. This year, we’ve already had an announcement for a Splatoon Island mobile game turn out to be fake, and the Fortnite April Fool’s 2019 plans will likely be even more ambitious. Any upcoming changes aren’t likely to stay permanent in the game, so once the joke goes live, ensure you log in and check out the Fortnite April Fool’s joke before it gets removed. These are the latest details on what is the April 1 joke in Fortnite?

The 2018 April Fool’s Joke in Fortnite

Fortnite April Fools 2019

Around this time last year, players were expecting big changes for April Fool’s in Fortnite, with some suspecting that the long-foreseen Comet would strike Tilted Towers; the most popular landing spot in the battle royale arena. While the Comet instead hit the Dusty Depot area, Epic chose instead to alter the effects of two items for April Fool’s Day 2018.

On that day, the impact grenade launched players much further and higher than normal, often inflicting more fall damage on landing, while the boogie bomb allowed players to jump much higher. Granted, these were small changes that were hardly felt in gameplay, but it’s clear that Epic didn’t want to make any lasting changes to the map. With this in mind, what’s in store for the Fortnite April Fool’s 2019?

Fortnite April Fool’s 2019 | What is the April 1 joke?

Fortnite April Fools 2019

Epic Games hasn’t yet revealed the Fortnite April Fool’s Day joke. The game’s official social media accounts are active, but there hasn’t been any mention of an April 1 event or feature.

For now, players can just enjoy the Floor Is Lava limited time mode in solos. Also, if you’re a Save The World player, you can now check out the new Steampunk weapons available from the new Pirate Llama.