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The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Cheats

Unlock Boss Challenge

When you grow up, and before talking for the second time to Sheik on the Time Temple to learn the Prelude of light, she will tell you that in your home you can rest to revive past battles. That means you have unlocked Boss challenge to fight each boss in the game (after you had beat them in the story) in your house. To unlock the last challenge (all bosses one after another) you have to beat them all in the challenge mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
All Bosses Challenge Beat, individually, all bosses in Challenge mode
Any Boss Challenge Talk to Sheik to learn the prelude of light and unlock this, then beat the boss to fight it in Challenge mode.

Unlock Master Quest

Beat the game in Normal mode. Then, after the press start screen, you will be sent to another screen to select between Normal or Master Quest Mode

Unlockable How to Unlock
Master Quest Beat the game for the first time.


Infinite Rupees Trick

Are you tired of slowly earning you wads of Rupees? Do you just wish that you can earn wads of Rupees for free with very little work? Well now you can! By doing the "Use Any Item Anywhere" glitch, you can get as many Rupees as you want, and here's how to do it:

Step 1: Enter Castle Town and go into the building where you play that treasure chest guessing game.

Step 2: Pay the small fine and work your way to the very last room, where you get the Piece of Heart from opening that chest the first time.

Step 3: Do the "Use Any Item Anywhere" glitch with having Farare's Wind.

Step 4: Use Farare's Wind to create a warp point in that very last room.

By creating a warp point in that last room, you can warp back there anytime you want to. Once you warp there, you will be in that last room, with the chest unopened. You open it up and get the Rupees, you can go backwards through all the doors to get even more Rupees!

Best of all, you get to play that game for free and there's no fear of losing because you don't even need the keys to go through the locked doors since you've already been through them!!

CAUTION: Every time you warp to the last room in that mini-game, the warp point will be removed, therefore you will not be able to warp there again! If you want to keep a warp point there, than once you've warped there and the warp point has been removed, you do the "Use Any Item Anywhere" glitch again to create a new warp point there.

Use Any Item Anywhere Glitch

You know how some items can't be used in certain places? Well now you can use any item anywhere by doing this simple glitch:

Step 1: Enter an area in which you can use at least 1 item and where you can't use others. Ex. Hyrule Castle Town.

Step 2: Put one item that you can use on I, Y, X, or II.

Step 3: Switch that item out and replace it with an item that you can't use at the moment.

Step 4: As soon as you close the items screen, quickly press the button that you assigned to the restricted item multiple times until you use the item.

NOTE: This may take several tries. You have to do step 4 very fast, which make this glitch exceptionally hard, but it's still possible.

TIP: The easiest way to do this glitch is to have to unrestricted item be a bottle because you can use the bottle in just about any location.

Roll through spiked things

You know those spike things that slide around (like the ones in Ice Cavern). If you roll before you touch them, they will pass harmlessly through you.

Use the Lens of Truth without using magic

Play the Song of Storms. As soon as you regain control of Link, use the Lens of Truth. If this is done correctly, the white border around the magic meter will not flash and you can have the Lens on without depleting your magic.

Stuck on Fence With Epona

First, go to Lake Hylia and call Epona. Once she arrives, get on her and leave the lake. Proceed forward until you reach the wooden fence. Once there, while still on Epona, go to the left corner of the wooden fence and jump over it with Epona. But before you jump all the way across the fence, turn towards the stone pillar along side the wooden fence while in mid-air, If done correctly, Epona should have landed on top of the wooden fence with you still on her. You can't really move much while up there. In fact, you can't even get down at all!



Unlockable How to Unlock
Fire Arrow Shoot the sun after the Water Temple
Ice Arrow Complete the Gerudo Training Ground
Light Arrow Beat all the temples, then talk to Shiek

Get a cow inside your tree house

Complete the task listed to have a cow put in your tree house.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cow in tree house. After beating the race at Lon Lon ranch for Epona, race again and get the best time (49 seconds or below) to unlock a cow for your tree house.


Skulltulas Unlockable

To get this unlockable items, you must kill the number of Skulltulas Spiders that is required. After you kill the skulltulas spiders, collect the tokens and then go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village to get your prize.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Adult Wallet 10 Skulltula Tokens
Bombchus 40 Skulltula Tokens
Giant's Wallet 30 Skulltula Tokens
Huge Rupee 100 Skulltula Tokens
Piece of Heart 50 Skulltula Tokens
Stone of Agony

20 Skulltula Tokens


Easter Eggs

Hidden Bowser broach

If you look at the broach that Malon is wearing, you will notice that it is actually Bowser's face.


Hidden secret in Hyrule Castle courtyard.

When you arrive in the Hyrule Castle courtyard, look at the left window. Now take out your slingshot, and shoot the potted plant. Someone will yell at you to stop doing that, and they will also throw a bomb at you.


The Bald Fisherman

If you go to the Fishing pond as an adult you will notice he is wearing a hat, if you get it just right, you can catch his hat, he will get mad at you, but from then on you will never see him wearing the hat again.



Free Hylian Shield

When you're a kid you can get the Hylian Sheild for free instead of wasting 80 rupees. First go to the graveyard in Kakariko village and wait for night. Then pull the tombstones that have flowers in front of them back and go down their holes. When You find the right one it will have a treasure chest inside. Inside that is the Hylian Shield.

Free Masks At The Mask Shop

This won't work unless you've already sold the Keaton mask to the guard outside of Death Mountain. Once you've done so, before getting the Skull Mask you can ask to borrow the Keaton Mask again for free. Once you've done so, leave the shop, go back in and ask to trade masks. You can trade the Keaton mask for the Skull mask (he'll say you have to pay, but you won't) for free! It even makes the sound of you giving him the rupees, but you'll still have all your money. The same works for the Spooky mask and the Rabbit hood, you just have to trade the mask that you sold before it.


Get Fire Arrows Early

First, get the scarecrow song as a kid. To do this, go to Lake Hylia as a kid through Zora's Domain. Talk to the scarecrow on the shore, the fist by the lake. Take out your ocarina and he'll want to play. Play a song you made and that's your song. Be sure to remember it. Next, you'll need the Longshot. To get this, beat Dark Link in the Water Temple. As an adult, go to the scarecrows and play the song for the first one. Piere will now appear where there is a green Navi but nothing there. Now, when the sun is rising, shoot the sun with an arrow by the Water warp point (with the Water Medalion on it. When the Fire arrows appear, go down the hill. Don't drop, just go to the edge. Play the scarecrow song to make Piere appear. Use the Longshot to hook on and grab the arrows.

Get The Golden Scale As A Kid

When you are a child, go to the fishing pond and start fishing like normal. Keep fishing until you get a fish that’s big enough to earn a heart piece. Instead of going to the fishing owner, go into the middle of the pond. Face towards the owner in the water and hold Z + R (lock and shield). Don’t let go and swim and run to him. Once you reach him, talk to him without letting go of Z and R. He’ll give you the golden scale instead of a heart piece!

This allows you to do many things early on. Such as entering Zora’s Domain without having to play Zelda’s Lullaby. Or getting the heart piece from the Lakeside Laboratory (letting you have both the scale and heart piece.)


Giant monsters

If you continously kill the same type of monster, you will encounter a giant version of the type you've been killing. This works on Stalchildren, Guays, and Leevers.


Infinite money at will

In the past, there is a beggar in the Hyrule Castle Market that asks you to sell him things with C. In the future, that same beggar is relocated to Kakariko Village, which is perfect for arguably the fastest non-Skulltulla money trick in the game.

Behind the old lady's potion shop in Kakariko lies a grotto, and within it, a fish. Bring a bunch of empty bottles to the grotto, then enter and re-enter the grotto until you're able to fill all of your bottles with fish. The beggar will buy each fish for 100 rupees, and you can repeat this process as many times as you wish until your money is maxed out. This obviously works best when you have the Giant's Wallet and are able to carry a maximum of 500 rupees at a time.


Kill Zombies Easier

Play the sun song anywhere where there are zombies. They will freeze and be easier to kill because they won't attack you.

Make the Sinking Lure legal

This will make the fish you catch with the Sinking Lure be legal, as if you had caught them without it. After getting the Sinking Lure, go to the fisherman and say to him "Let's talk about something else". He will then allow you to use the Sinking Lure, and the fish you catch with it will no longer be noted as being "Illegal".

Note: You will still need to find the Sinking Lure each time you come back.


Never Lose Tunic or Shield

To not lose your tunic or shield when you are eaten by a like-like, put on the kokiri(green) tunic and the mirror shield. Since both of these are one of a kind and can't be re-bought,the like-like can't eat them.

Sinking Lure

If you want to easily catch really big fish in the fishing pond without having to spend countless hours, then make sure you have caught the "lunker"; fish as an adult and have obtained the gold scale. Now go to the fishing pond and you will find a new lure in one of three places: 1.) in the feeder creek, 2.) in the grass around the perimeter of the area, or 3.) on the log jutting out of the pond. Once you find this lure, try fishing with it. It is irresistible to fish, so catching a 20 pounder will be no problem. However, if you set any records by using this lure, the fish you have caught will be noted as illegal on the aquarium and at the record board in Link's house.