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Sekiro Divine Grass | Locations and is it reusable?

Survival in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be extremely challenging, as you can’t withstand many hits before you run out of Vitality, but consumable items can help you recover from major damage in the midst of battle. Sekiro Divine Grass is one of the strongest consumable items for recovering Vitality, but can be difficult to find in the wild, and expensive to buy from certain merchants. Likewise, given the rarity of this consumable Grass, many players are asking is Divine Grass reusable? Read on to find the Sekiro Divine Grass locations, and unlock the potential of this powerful item.

Sekiro Divine Grass | Locations and is it reusable?

Sekiro Divine Grass

The Sekiro Divine Grass grants two effects upon being used; your Vitality is completely restored, and any active status abnormalities are also cured, so it acts as a particularly strong healing item. Unfortunately, it seems that the Divine Grass is a one-use item, and expires after it is consumed, so is not a reusable item. Seemingly grown in the region of Ashina and imbued with godlike energy, there are five Divine Grasses across the map in Sekiro.

  • After defeating General Kuranosuke Matsumoto in Ashina Castle, one Divine Grass is stored within the chest located behind him.
  • If you locate the treasure chest in Mibu Village, you can find one Divine Grass downstream from that location, underneath the surface of the water.
  • Once you find Pot Noble Harunaga, located by the bridge in Hirata Estate, you can buy one Divine Grass from them in exchange for one Treasure Carp Scale.
  • In Fountainhead Palace, one Divine Grass can be found within a chest, contained in a house with one guard and a noble wearing red garbs. Another Divine Grass is also rewarded by the Father in this location, after giving him the Great White Whiskers in his NPC quest.