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Apex Legends Gibraltar Glitch | How to fly through the air with Gibraltar

Reddit users have discovered an Apex Legends Gibraltar glitch that causes him to fly through the air. If you perform the glitch properly, Octane is able to throw his bounce pad onto Gibraltar shield, causing it to be stuck to the shield. This will result in Gibraltar being able to run into an object and go flying through the air.

How to perform the Apex Legends Gibraltar Glitch

If you want to perform the glitch that causes you to fly through the air with Gibraltar, you’ll need to have a friend help you out. One of you will need to be Gibraltar and another will need to be Octane. Thanks to Reddit user Trueon, the video below will show you exactly how the Gibraltar glitch works.

This is the buff Gibby Needed from r/apexlegends

One player will need to be Gibraltar and face Octane while using his shield. In case you don’t know how to use Gibraltar’s weapon shield, all you need to do is aim your weapon and the shield will appear. Then, Octane will need to be standing above Gibraltar looking down on him and throw his bounce pad at the shield. This will result in the bounce pad sticking to the shield. Now, wherever Gibraltar goes, he will essentially be a human bouncy ball. Additionally, it also appears that Gibraltar can see when aiming his weapon, despite the shield covering it. So if you want to try to go into battle with it, have at it. To be honest, the glitch is pretty useless, but it seems like a lot of fun. We assume it will be patched at some point, so enjoy it while you can!

Apex Legends is about halfway through its first season, which is expected to run through the beginning of June. The game received a v1.03 patch on April 3 that brought the Squad Up feature, bug fixes, and more. You can catch a complete rundown of the patch right here.