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World War Z Services Failed | Why can’t I establish a connection?

There’s a World War Z services failed bug that is stopping players from connecting to Saber Interactive’s survival horror shooter game. If you’ve failed to establish a connection, you might want to know if there’s a fix for this. Learn all about theWorld War Z services failed bug with our help.

World War Z Services Failed | Why can’t I connect?

World War Z Services Failed

The World War Z (Amazon link) services failed bug, as we mentioned, is stopping players from establishing a connection with the game’s servers. This issue is particularly prevalent on PC, but Xbox One and PS4 users seem to have come across it as well.

One Focus Home Interactive forum user, called, kyanan, posted an image about the problem to give the development team an idea of what it is. The image shows that a statement saying “Connection to WWZ services failed” before it asks players to either try connecting again or to skip doing so.

World War Z Services Failed | Is there a fix?

World War Z Services Failed

Nope, there isn’t a World War Z serviced failed bug fix that we can reveal to you just yet. The team is aware of the issue, however, and they’ll need to make it a top priority if plenty of users are coming across this issue.

Focus Home Interactive community manager chaton has asked any user that comes across the glitch to provide some details to help the team out. You can inform the team if the issue is constantly plaguing you and, if it is, let them know what region of the world you are based in.

Like we said, if this issue is consistently annoying players then Saber Interactive will need to sort it out as soon as possible. If they don’t, they may find that their user base starts to dwindle, especially with a few other games coming out in the next few weeks.

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