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Fortnite Air Royale | Challenge cheat sheet and rewards

The latest Fortnite 8.40 update is set to introduce a new series of challenges for players to complete and earn rewards. The Fortnite Air Royale challenges take place in the new limited time mode event, with free tasks available for any player to attempt for a chance to win new wraps. This duos-only mode allows players to take flight in the new X-4 Stormwing planes, with challenges based on repetitive tasks, including collecting certain items or playing through multiple games. Read on for our Fortnite Air Royale challenge cheat sheet and a roundup of the rewards up for grabs.

Fortnite Air Royale | Challenge cheat sheet and rewards

Fortnite Air Royale

The Fortnite Air Royale challenges offer bonus XP for some challenges, but also have specific challenges to win each of the four new wraps included in the 8.40 update. While the majority of these challenges aren’t yet live, you can already earn the Callsign Skull wrap in the challenges. All you need to do is play 7 matches of the Air Royale limited time mode to completion, and you will earn the first new wrap. This won’t work if you immediately log out once the match begins to find the next one, but you can still be eliminated early on to quickly complete the challenge.

The remaining two challenges each offer 500 bonus XP for completing their tasks, which you can easily complete while playing through the 7 matches for the wrap. The first challenge asks you to deal 4,000 damage with a Minigun or SMG to opposing Stormwings, which is more quickly completed if you play aggressively. However, keep an eye out for Sky Chests, as the other challenge tasks you with collecting all 5 different rarities of the chests across multiple games. It’s not yet clear how difficult it is to find the rarest of these chests, but collecting these will also help you survive.