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Black Ops 4 Matchmaking Error | BLOPS 4 matchmaking putting me into games with maps I don’t own

If you’re being affected by a Call of Duty Black Ops 4 matchmaking issue where the game is trying to match you to a game on a map you don’t own, you’re not alone. The matchmaking error is affecting players around the globe, and if you’re getting lobby errors, rest assured they’re not your fault.

Black Ops 4 Matchmaking Issue | Why am I getting lobby errors?

The matchmaking error is occurring when Black Ops 4 tries to match players with a game that is set on a map they don’t own. As soon as the player joins the game lobby, BLOPS 4 detects they don’t own the map and errors out.

There’s not much you can do to fix this. Unfortunately, it’s all on Treyarch Studios to get the issue corrected. Fortunately, the studio is aware of the problem and is working on a fix, but there’s no ETA as of yet.

Black Ops 4 Matchmaking Issue Fix

If you just really want to play Black Ops 4 and nothing else on the planet can sate your urge, there is one thing you can probably do to alleviate the matchmaking issue. If you buy all the DLC, you won’t run into the error. Since you own all the maps, the game won’t boot you from any lobbies, and you should be fine. However, it’s kind of lame to have to drop money you don’t want to spend on a game to make it work right.

Other than buying the BLOPS 4 DLC there’s not much you can do here. It’s unfortunate that there’s not more that can be done, but that’s just the way it rolls sometimes.

To keep updated on when a fix will be released, keep your eye on Treyarch Studios’ official Twitter page.