Box art - Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations PC Cheats


Extra Multiplayer Characters

You can access additional characters in Multiplayer by performing the corresponding tasks indicated below.

  • Courtesan - Play the Multiplayer mode in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  • Crusader - Buy the Lost Archive DLC
  • Knight - Download from Uplay (costs 40 units)
  • Ottoman Doctor - Buy the Lost Archive DLC
  • Ottoman Jester - Buy the Lost Archive DLC

Uplay Unlockables

In the Main Menu you can sign into Uplay. Choose "Rewards."

  • 10 points- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Xbox Theme
  • 20 points- Altair's Armor
  • 20 points- Altair's Costume
  • 20 points- Florentine Noble Attire
  • 20 points - "Solo Pack" It Adds 3 Brotherhood weapons and awards a Medicine Capacity Upgrade
  • 30 points - Mediterranean Exclusive Missions: Unlocks a new mission for each city in Mediterranean Defense
  • 40 points- Hellequin (Multiplayer)
  • 40 points - Unlock a Knight character for use in your multiplayer profile

Challenge Unlockables

Successfully complete the indicated challenges to unlock the corresponding bonus:

  • Altair's Sword - Complete the Set 3 Assassin Challenges
  • Broadsword - Complete the Set 3 Mercenary Challenges
  • Ottoman Mace - Complete the Set 3 Thief Challenges
  • Hired Mercenaries stop beggars - Complete the Set 2 Mercenary Challenges
  • Hired Romanies poison guards - Complete the Set 2 Romani Challenges
  • Hired Thieves pickpocket akçe - Complete the Set 2 Thief Challenges
  • Romani Stiletto - Complete the Set 3 Romani Challenges

100% Sync Unlockables

Complete the following sequences at 100% to unlock these items.

  • Buns of Steel - Complete Sequence 2 with 100% sync
  • Calling All Assassins - Complete Sequence 5 with 100% sync
  • Infinite Ammunition - Complete Sequence 7 with 100% sync
  • Killing Spree - Complete Sequence 3 with 100% sync
  • Permanent Secrecy - Complete Sequence 6 with 100% sync
  • The Old Eagle Outfit - Complete Sequence 8 with 100% sync
  • Ultimate Guild - Complete Sequence 4 with 100% sync

Altair's Grandmaster Robes

To unlock Altair's Grandmaster Robes (The Old Eagle), get 100% Sync in all DNA Sequences.

Desmond Skin

Complete the Desmond memory gates to unlock the Desmond Skin.

Ishak Pasha's Armor

Collect all 10 Memoir Pages to unlock Ishak Pasha's Armor.


Code and effect for PC agme.

Revelations (50G)- Complete DNA Sequence 9.

Tactician (30G)- Score at least 2500G in a session (Multiplayer).

Make the Headlines (30G)- Obtain 12 different Accolades (Multiplayer).

Mastering the Art (30G)- Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer).

True Templar (20G)- Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).

There Is No I in Team (20G)- Win a session of a team mode (Multiplayer).

The Way I Like It (20G)- Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer).

Explorer (20G)- Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer).

The Early Years (20G)- Complete Desmond Sequence 1.

Best Served Cold (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 1.

The Reluctant Assassin (20G)- Complete Desmond Sequence 2.

Istanbul and Constantinople (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 2.

Escape To New York (20G)- Complete Desmond Sequence 3.

Seal the Deal (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 3.

The Prince (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 4.

The Plot Thickens (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 5.

Successes and Failures (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 6.

The Rotten Apple (20G)- Complete Desmond Sequence 4.

Old Boss, New Boss (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 7.

Priorities (20G)- Complete DNA Sequence 8.

Are You Desmond Miles? (20G)- Complete Desmond Sequence 5.

Fond Memories (20G)- Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.

Holy Wisdom (20G)- Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.

Tools of the Templar (10G)- Purchase your first ABILITY in the Abstergo Store (Multiplayer).

Achiever (10G)- Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer).

Looking Good (10G)- Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer).