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Fortnite Wilde Skin | How to get the Wilde outfit starter pack

Those sneaky dataminers have been at it again. A Fortnite Wilde skin starter pack has been found within the game’s files before its actual release. If you want to know how to get the Wilde outfit and its Palette Pack back bling, we’re here to help. Learn everything worth knowing about the Fortnite Wilde skin below.

Fortnite Wilde Skin | Release date

Fortnite wilde skin

The Fortnite Wilde skin was discovered by prominent Fortnite leakers, such as Lucas7yoshi, ahead of its official release date. This leak came after the 9.10 update went live on Wednesday, May 22 as dataminers scoured the game’s files for new finds.

In terms of when its expected release date, we’re not sure yet. It shouldn’t be too long before we find out when it will be available to get. It’s always possible that Epic Games will patch it through when the Season 9 Week 3 challenges go live on Thursday, May 23. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Fortnite Wilde Skin | How to unlock

If you’re curious about how you can get the Fortnite Wilde skin, you can wonder no longer. It will be coming to the game’s store as soon as it’s officially patched into the game, so you won’t have to complete any tasks in order to unlock it.

The starter pack will come with the Wilde outfit, a new back bling cosmetic called the Palette Pack, and some V-Bucks to spend in the item shop. The skin itself, as you can see from its leaked image, is a female outfit. It comes equipped with a snazzy white jacket with fuzzy black lightning lines across it, and a black tank top. Purple and light blue shorts, a pastel pink holster with turquoise spikes on it, and contrasting pink and white socks and boots complete the look.

The Palette Pack back bling, meanwhile, is a purple and light blue backpack that comes with a meaty looking knife and a cool black and white logo at the bottom. Starter kits typically cost you around $4.99 (£3.99), and normally come with 600 V-Bucks included if specified.