Nintendo 3DS Update 11.10.0-43 Patch Notes | New Nintendo 3DS Firmware update

Those of you out there still playing your Nintendo 3DS (you know who you are) will be happy to know that anew Nintendo 3DS update is ready to download right now. Read on to discover what the Nintendo 3DS 11.10.0-43 update brings with it and how you should go about downloading it. Skip to the end to read through the lengthy Nintendo 3DS update 11.10.0-43 patch notes, too. We’ve got all your new 3DS update bases covered in this here handy guide.

What is the Nintendo 3DS Update 11.10.0-43 | How to download

Nintendo 3DS 11.10.0-43 Update Patch Notes

As has been the case with countless 3DS Firmware updates, update 11.10.0-43 is rather small. No new features have been added to the 3DS (surprisingly enough) thanks to its latest Firmware update. Instead, the new Nintendo 3DS Firmware update simply adds small adjustments and improvements behind the scenes to improve system stability and user experience.

This is the first Nintendo 3DS system update you will need to install in nearly six months. You very likely won’t notice the minor adjustments or improvements to system stability and the user experience. This is very much an update to the system that should help Nintendo to keep on top of things such as hacks or whatnot. Unfortunately, too, as the 3DS appears to be slowing down in the wake of the Nintendo Switch, this could prove to be one of the console’s final system software updates. As such, you may well need a reminder on how you should go about updating your 3DS to version 11.10.0-43.

You might find that your 3DS automatically connects to the internet and asks you to download and install the new update. If this doesn’t happen, however, you will need to find and install the update manually. If you’re not connected to the internet on your 3DS, you will want to do that first. Follow these steps to connect to the internet:

  • Turn on your 3DS
  • Head into System Settings (the wrench icon on the home screen)
  • Choose Internet Settings
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet

In order to manually download a 3DS Firmware update, simply follow these steps:

  • Turn on your 3DS
  • Head into System Settings (the wrench icon on the home screen)
  • Jump into Other Settings
  • Scroll through the pages until you find the System Update option (page 4 or 5 depending on what 3DS console you own)
  • Follow the on-screen prompts

There you have it. Wait for the system software update to finish and you’ll be ready to go.

Nintendo 3DS Update 11.10.0-43 Patch Notes

Nintendo 3DS 11.10.0-43 Update Patch Notes

The full list of Nintendo 3DS 11.10.0-43 update patch notes can be read below, courtesy of Nintendo:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience