Dauntless Frost Orbs | How to farm Frost Orbs

Frost Orbs are one of five special crafting reagents that players can acquire and farm for in Dauntless. As players continue their journey through the game, encountering new Behemoths, they will need to farm for the various orbs, like Frost Orbs, in order to craft new gear, upgrade armor, and even upgrade weapons like the Chain Blades and Ostian Repeaters. In this guide we’ll discuss how to get Frost Orbs, the best ways to farm for this important crafting material, and even how players will be able to use them in Dauntless.

Dauntless Frost Orbs | How to farm Frost Orbs

As mentioned above, Frost Orbs are just one of five special Orbs that players can collect. The other Orbs include Terra Orbs, Blaze Orbs, Neutral Orbs, and Shock Orbs. We’ve already discussed some of these Orbs and how to farm for them in previous guides, so make sure you check out our Dauntless guides section for more details on those. For now, though, let’s focus on Frost Orbs and the best way to farm for them.

Like most items in Dauntless, Frost Orbs can be acquired by simply playing the game. This will allow players to do whatever they want and still have a chance at acquiring Frost Orbs for their stockpile. However, if players want to maximize the amount of Frost Orbs they are receiving, there are a few key things they will want to do in the game.

Dauntless Frost Patrols for Frost Orbs

First, Frost Patrols are the absolute best way to farm for Frost Orbs in Dauntless. These special missions will task players with defeating one of the three Frost Behemoths available to hunt in Dauntless. Frost Patrols will range in from a lower Threat Level of 4 to a much higher Threat Level of 7. It is completely random which Behemoth players will be tasked with hunting, so Slayers will want to ensure they are always prepared to face down the strongest Behemoth.

Frost Patrols can include the lowest level Frost Behemoth, the Skraev, which comes with a recommended Power Level of 150. This Behemoth freezes its enemies in place and then attacks with quick ferocity. The mid-tier Behemoth available to hunt in Frost Patrols is the Boreus. Stacking up with a recommended Power Level of 250, this beast has psionic abilities that allow it to manipulate the frost aether within it to attack and defend against Slayers. Finally, the Pangar comes with a recommended Power Level of 275 for Slayers. This monstrous Behemoth has mighty tusks that it uses to burron into islands and attack Slayers coming into its domain.

When completed, Frost Patrols will reward players with 10 Frost Orbs. Players can also complete these hunting quests with their Daily Bonus active, which will throw in an additional 10 Orbs of whatever time for the player’s trouble.

How to use Frost Orbs in Dauntless

Now that we have discussed the best ways to farm for Frost Orbs, let’s talk about how players will use these important crafting materials. When visiting Ramsgate, players can make their way up to the crafting area and speak with Wils Bormen. Here players will be able to craft various weapons using Behemoth parts and the different Orbs that they have harvested.

Dauntless Skraev Frost Behemoth

Among the available weapons are the Onus of Boreus sword, the Brutality of Boreus hammer, the Destiny of Boreus Chain Blades, the Turmoil of Boreus axe, and the Revolution of Boreus War Pike, as well as weapons themed after the Pangar and Skraev. Each weapon will require Frost Orbs to craft and eventually upgrade, so making sure you have enough Orbs will be vital.

In this same area of Ramsgate, players can also visit Moyra Heigsketter, the Armoursmith. Here they can craft armor pieces like the Boreal Eiphany, Boreal Resolve, Boreal Might, and Boreal March. Each armor piece will require pieces from the Boreus, as well as an ample supply of Frost Orbs. Of course, players will also find armor pieces for each of the other Frost Behemoths as well, each of which comes with its own bonuses and appearance.

Now that you understand how to farm for Frost Orbs in Dauntless, it’s time to get out there and start stocking up. Even if you aren’t actively working on upgrading a set of Frost gear, make sure you’re gathering Frost Orbs to keep your reserves stocked for any future upgrades or crafting expeditions.