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Apex Legends 1.18 Update Patch Notes | Voidwalker

The Apex Legends 1.16 update patch notes are soon to be revealed, detailing the latest changes to the game. The new Apex Legends patch will soon be rolling out across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The main highlight of the 1.16 update is the Iron Crown Collection event, which introduces the all-new Solos limited time mode. Beginning on the Apex Legends Solos release date of August 13, players will be able to download and install the new patch using the “Check for Update” functions, or through automatic downloads.

Apex Legends 1.16 Update Patch Notes | Upcoming content and changes

Apex Legends 1.16 Update Patch Notes

Iron Crown Collection event

The new Apex Legends 1.16 update implements the Iron Crown Collection event, which features a number of new rewards for players to earn. New cosmetic unlocks include the Protector of the Void Wraith skin, as well as the War Machine Pathfinder skin.

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Patch 1.16 also introduces the fan-requested Solos mode, which will finally give players the chance to go it alone. Apex Legends normally forces players into teams of three, incorporating a number of gameplay mechanics that take advantage of team-based play, including the ability to alert teammates to locations and items through pinging, as well as different special moves that can synchronize together to make for some big game-changing plays.

The new Apex Legends mode will be available until the August 23 end date. It’s likely that developer Respawn Entertainment will be monitoring player feedback during the event, to see if Solos works well or not.

Solos will also allow players to focus on completing more of the Weekly objectives, as you don’t have to worry about teammates landing at different locations, picking characters that you need to get kills with, or nabbing weapons and armor before you can get your hands on them.