How to score in Roller Champions | Rules explained

The Roller Champions demo is now available to play on PC. A unique concept, the game sees two teams of 3 players attempting to score points against one another along an oval track. The Ubisoft game has already drawn comparisons to Rocket League, but it’s actually a little more complex than Psyonix’s car soccer spectacle. As such, players are wondering how to score in Roller Champions, with the tutorial at the start of the demo still confusing some of those jumping into the game for the first time.

How to score in Roller Champions | Roller Champions rules explained

how to score roller champions rules explained

Roller Champions is based on a real sport, roller derby, albeit with a handball twist. Players work in teams of three to carry a ball counter-clockwise around a track, before throwing the ball into the goal ring to score points.

Players must take the ball to the starting line in order to begin a lap around the track, and the number of laps of the track they’ve completed before scoring results in a different number of points. Here are the points teams can earn depending on the number of laps they’ve completed:

  • 1 point: One lap around the track before scoring.
  • 3 points: Two laps around the track before scoring.
  • 5 points: Three laps around the track before scoring.

Each game of Roller Champions is set for 10 minutes. However, if a team reaches 5 points, they automatically win the game. Overtime begins in the seventh minute, highlighted by the timer turning red, with the next point scored deciding the game.

How to score in Roller Champions | Goal scoring tips

To score in Roller Champions, you’ll need to make your way to the checkered starting line. This is located just in front of the goal ring. When you pass the starting line with the ball in your hand, a lap will officially begin.

You must progress around the track counter-clockwise, and after you reach the portion of the track on which the goal ring is located, it will be activated. You can tell the goal has been activated as it will transform to match your team’s color.

You line up to score by way of holding LB on your controller, at which point you’ll see an indicator that highlights what the ball’s trajectory will be after you throw it. You must aim the indicator into the goal ring, and you’ll score a point if the ball goes through the ring.

Alternatively, you can launch yourself through the goal ring while holding the ball. This won’t score you any additional points, and it is trickier to pull off, though it looks cool, which is almost as good as points.