Link’s Awakening Steal Items | Can I get free items in the remake?

Back in the day, there was a Link’s Awakening steal items feature that allowed you to get items for free. Players are wondering if this has been kept in the upcoming remake of the classic Nintendo title. To find out if it has been, you’ll need to read our guide to stealing items in Link’s Awakening 

Link’s Awakening Steal Items | How to become a thief

Link's Awakening steal items

Yes, the Link’s Awakening steal items feature from the original game has been kept in the remaster. That means that if you’re short on rupees, or if you just want to get something for free, you can become a thief and steal it.

If you head into any item shop, you can pick up something that you want, take it to the shopkeeper, and buy it with rupees. Alternatively, you can bamboozle them and manage to take the item for free.

To steal an item, pick it up normally. Instead of going to the cash register to purchase it, start running rings around the shopkeeper. Eventually, they’ll not be able to keep up with you, and you can make a quick getaway via the exit once they’re not looking.

This might take a couple of attempts. Shopkeepers can keep up with you for a bit so, if you try and leave while they’re looking at you, they’ll tell you that you have to pay for the item. If you want it for free though you can keep trying the above method until it works.

Link’s Awakening Steal Items | What happens if I take things for free?

Link's Awakening steal items

The Link’s Awakening steal items feature does come with consequences. If you nab something and then return to the same shop, later on, the shopkeeper will have remembered.

Your punishment is pretty grizzly too. The shopkeeper will shock you with lightning until all of your hearts are depleted, and you’ll die on the spot. A “Game Over” screen will pop up and you’ll have to reload your latest save.

It might be best just to stump up the cash to get your items then, rather than live with the fact that you could be shocked anytime you return.