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Super Mario Maker 2 Cloud Saves | Does my save data get backed up?

You might be curious to learn about Super Mario Maker 2 cloud saves. In particular, it may be of interest to you to find out if your save data gets backed up to the cloud or not. To find out the answer to this, you’ll want to read our Super Mario Maker 2 cloud saves guide. It’ll be a huge weight off your mind ahead of its release, trust us.

Super Mario Maker 2 Cloud Saves | Cloud backup support

Super Mario Maker 2 Cloud Saves

Yes, there is Super Mario Maker 2 cloud saves support with Nintendo’s upcoming level creator game. It would have been a slightly strange decision for Nintendo to make if they didn’t allow players to back up their saved data to the cloud. After all, this is a game that lets you make your own levels for others to try and beat.

The first bonus for this is that you’ll be able to access your save file and levels from any Switch console, as long as you’re able to log in to it. You’ll also be able to share anything you create with family and friends easily too. There will be no need to wait around and show off what awesome levels you’ve made with this feature.

You’ll also spend lots of time creating the most perfectly evil level to trip your mates or the online community up with. If Super Mario Maker 2 didn’t support cloud saves, and if your save file became corrupted for some reason, you’d lose all of that hard work.

Finally, with so many levels due to be uploaded by the community, Nintendo would also need a place to store these levels. That’s another benefit to having cloud save functionality, as you can save as many levels to it as you want. Just think of all those ridiculously hard levels you can make (and save) now.