Box art - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden PS Vita Cheats



Golden Domination - Get all the trophies


Complete Compendium - 100% Compendium

Show of Power - Defeat Margaret

Truth in Hand - Defeat Izanami


Welcome Back - Rescue Marie

Intermediate Compendium - 50% Compendium

Reap What You Sow - Defeat the Reaper

Perfect Quality - Max all the stat parameters (courage etc)

Power of Truth - Fuse Izanagi-no-Okami (I think.. didn't translate well at all)

Legend of Inaba - Max all social links


Fashionable Preacher? - Something to do with battle costumes

Older Brother's Concern - Visit Nanako in the hospital 3 times

Card Collector - Collect 100 Skill Cards

The Strip Club Is Closing - Rescue Rise

Foggy and Sunny - Capture Adachi

Nice Attack! - Get a pre-emptive attack

Hard Attacker - Deal over 999 damage with one attack

Battle Astuteness - Hit enemy weakness 100 times

Bibliomania - Read all the books

Food Fighter - Finish the rainy day Beef Bowl Challenge

Purchasing Persona - Purchase a complete set of persona (no idea)

Adventure is Over - Capture Mitsuo

Ask Marie - Register a Skill Card (?)

??? - Buy 5 things from the shopping channel

Another Self - Receive the persona Izanagi

Lucky! - Elected to the lottery of the vending machine (?)

Emergency Lab Closure - Rescue Naoto

Presence to be Reckoned With - Score top marks on an exam

Worked Today - Purchase an item from the capsule machine

Well Played - Perform 50 All Out Attacks

Fusion Expert - Fuse 50 Persona

Return of the Angel - Rescue Nanako

Birth of the New Quiz King - Win the final quiz game

Film Critic - View 3 movies (?)

Grasp the Desire - Defeat a golden hand (gold shadow)

Rise's Avid Fan - Hear Rise 250 times (not sure if have to analyze or just any chatter)

Special Woman (Person) - Form a special relationship (has either in there)

Special Fusion - Perform a fusion with 4 or more persona ingredients

The Prince Revealed - Save Yukiko

Stand True - Rescue Kanji

True Bonds - Max a social link

God Draw - Achieve ALLGETBONUS 50 times (something with cards, shuffle time maybe)

Use Bonds - Max was in the 10 community (???)

Resourceful - Change persona 5 times in the same battle

Self-Catering Service - Get the best result when cooking lunch

Insect Hunter - Best time in the bug-catching minigame

Good Shopping - Buy a special croquette

Discerning Man - Drank coffee of Chagall (???)

Fishing Master - Catch the biggest fish

Slip of the Pen/Nose - Have a fusion accident