Wonder Boy in Monster Land PS3 Cheats


Extra Gold

Plug in the second controller amd after you collect the sword on stage one. Press Pause 73 times and each press will give you 45 pieces of gold.


There are 9 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

Congratulations! (Gold) - Clear the game without using any continues.

Ghost Slayer (Bronze) - Defeat a resilient Ghost.

Gold in the Clouds (Bronze) - Find all the gold hidden in the clouds of Round 7.

Lost and Found (Bronze) - Obtain equipment from a defeated enemy.

Music Maker (Bronze) - Play the flute somewhere with a view.

Question: Who defeated me? (Silver) - Defeat the Sphinx.

Spell Master (Bronze) - Use every type of magic.

Treasure Hunter (Bronze) - Find 20 hidden items and/or gold.

Welcome to Monster Land (Bronze) - Read the "Welcome to Monster Land" sign.

You are a True Hero (Silver) - Obtain all the Legendary Equipment.

You are O.K. (Bronze) - Get a PERFECT for clearing a stage.

You have become really sturdy! (Bronze) - Increase your LIFE to a max of 10 hearts.