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Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer | How to unlock

Video games are chock full of secret items to find, and the Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer is no different. It’s an item that you can use to bash enemies over the head with and break blocks to help you navigate levels in Story Mode. If you are dying to know how to unlock the Mario Maker 2 secret weapon, we can give you a hand with that. Read this Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer unlock guide for all of the information you will need.

Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer | How to get the secret power-up

Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer

As we mentioned, the Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer item is very useful. You can use it to attack enemies with a simple push of a button, and that isn’t just reserved to squishy opponents like Goombas. You can hit other enemies with it and take them out instantly, which is always nice as you don’t have to jump on them multiple times to kill them.

It can also be used to destroy immovable objects, such as stones and bricks, that stand in your way. Finally, and this is more of a cosmetic change, it gives Mario his Builder Mario outfit. A change of color to his overalls and a hard hat are just the ticket in his quest to restore Princess Peach’s castle.

Right, onto how you can unlock the Super Hammer. To get your own, all you have to do is complete Story Mode. This campaign comes as part of Super Mario Maker 2. You will need to progress through all 100 levels that the Nintendo team created in-house in order to complete it.

Story Mode tasks you with rebuilding Peach’s castle. Once that’s accomplished, you will be greeted by Taskmaster Toad. He gives you a new mission called “Let’s Go, Builder Mario!” and this is where you get the Super Hammer. Once you complete this, you can equip it to Mario or even add it into your own user-created level.