Box art - SQUIDS Wild West

SQUIDS Wild West iPhone Cheats


You can do damage and heal allies with the same flick.

Watch out for trenches: they'll spell the end for one of your squids if you don't have the right equipment to drag them out.

Toughen up as often as you can, for you never know when things are going to get difficult.

Before attempting a mission create a team of four Squids. The order you place them in determines which Squids go first, second, third and fourth during play. Keep in mind all Squids feature individual stats spread across the following categories: Health, Stamina, Attack, Defense and Dash.

Spend pearls to increase Squid stats for those aforementioned categories. This will help you defeat tougher enemies.

Keep in mind the Secret Star is hidden in each level.

Complete a mission with all Squids to receive the Survival Star.

Finish a mission within a set number of turns to earn the Speed Star.

Earn Bonus Pearls By Executing Combos.

Small bubbles indicate a Squid's stamina. When these are gone, your turn is over.

Drag your fingers around the screen to pan the camera. When you want to go back to your Squid, tap the bubble featuring that character.

Pinch the screen to zoom in or out.

Throw yourself against an enemy to do a melee attack.

The spiky shell power-up hides your Squid inside a comfy shell for one turn.

Hit two enemies for a double bonus.

Replay missions for extra pearls.

Look for enemy weaknesses, then exploit said weaknesses. Perhaps you can't approach a boss head-on. Try from behind.