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FFXIV Delightful Decorations | Get the Shadowbringers Aether Current from the pixie

Final Fantasy 14 Aether Currents have been introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, and they all you to fly with a special mount across the land. They’re certainly highly sought-after, in that case, but unfortunately they’re items you’ll have to earn, mostly by completing side quests. One of the more troublesome quests is the FFXIV Delightful Decorations mission given to you by a pixie. We’ll show you where to find this pixie, and how to get the Aether Current from her.

Where to get the FFXIV Delightful Decorations quest

The FFXIV Delightful Decorations quest can be collected by the Exuberant Pixie in the new Il Mheg zone. She’s located in The Bookman’s Shelves, which is at coordinates X: 9.1, Y: 17.1. You’ll need to have completed a few story quests in the area first, if not all of them, but eventually this one will open up. Talk to the pixie, and she’ll want to decorate the place a bit. Here’s where the trouble begins.

How to complete the FFXIV Delightful Decorations quest

The first item the pixie will want you to get is whirlweeds, which you’ll find in the nearby lake. Dive in, and you’ll see the giant whirlweeds sparkling in front of you. Interact with them to grab one, and you’ll need to get 4 in total. Just swim around and grab them all, it shouldn’t be hard.

Return to the pixie, and this time she’ll want you to get some snugblooms. She sends you to decorate them on “the stairs”. By this, she means the staircase inside the Bookman’s Shelves building next to her, directly opposite the main door. You’ll see the areas to place them glowing on the staircase. Place three snugblooms, then return to the Exuberant Pixie. She’ll be happy with the work you’ve done, and will give you XP, Gil, and that Aether Current you’ve been after. Not too much trouble after all, in the end.