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Judgment 1.07 Update Patch Notes | Bug Fixes

The Judgment 1.07 update patch notes are quite mysterious. Sega is playing coy and not exactly stating what is in them and the “Update History” feature isn’t of much help either. Regardless, you should still download it and if your PS4 hasn’t automatically started downloading it, go to icon on the dashboard, press the Options button, then go to “Check For Update.” It’ll start downloading from there. But let’s see what’s in these Judgment 1.07 update patch notes. Well, as much as we can, given the information we have.

Judgment 1.07 Update Patch Notes | Bug fixes

The official Judgment 1.07 update patch notes just say “Bug fixes.” How helpful. Sometimes developers will put out a “bug fixes” update and then detail what it actually is later down the line. Well, Sega has not done that just yet, if at all.

The last update, 1.06, was similar as in it had “bug fixes” but it also added support for DLC Pack 2. And this update could potentially be doing the same thing. While it is a little odd, Sega has been adding multiple small DLC packs with extra extracts to help you in battle, drone races, and a bundle that adds in gifts for your girlfriends. So essentially you are buying gifts for Tagami’s potential girlfriends.

This means that this could be adding support for more small DLC drops like this in the future. Sega is still adding content as it just implemented the aforementioned battle extracts and girlfriend gifts last week. So maybe Sega will even give you the chance to buy even more clothes for your partners.

Regardless, we still don’t know much about this 1.07 update, but if Sega decides to let us in on what exactly this patch contains, we will update this article with those full patch notes. And if contains more girlfriend packs, you can count on us to update this article doubly so.