Box art - Astral Chain

Astral Chain file size, pre-purchase options, and supported controllers detailed

Out of all of this year’s slate of Nintendo Switch games, Astral Chain seems to be the dark horse of the bunch. Developed by the action game powerhouse responsible for Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, Platinum Games, this fast-paced, action-packed game will probably mean you’ll want to leave some room on your Switch. But how big is the Astral Chain file size? This helpful guide will tell you just that, as well as how you can pre-purchase the game right now, and what controllers will be supported when it releases next month.

What is the Astral Chain file size?

Those looking to purchase Astral Chain may have to make some cuts in their current installed lineup of Nintendo Switch games. The Astral Chain file size clocks in at 9.6 GB. That may not seem like much, but depending on whether or not you have a microSD card, the game may take up quite a bit of your Switch’s memory.

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If you only own a handful of Switch games, you shouldn’t be worried. If you do own a lot of Switch games and have yet to invest in a microSD card, now might be the time to do so. Amazon currently has a great deal on this 128 GB microSD card, as it’s only $25.

With that being said, anyone who has played other Platinum Games developed action games shouldn’t be surprised by the file size. In comparison, Bayonetta is a little bit smaller with an 8.5 GB file size while Bayonetta 2 is larger, weighing in a 12.8 GB.

How to pre-purchase Astral Chain

As announced by Nintendo via Twitter, you can pre-purchase Astral Chain on the Nintendo eShop right now. You can complete this purchase on the Nintendo eShop website or going on the eShop on the console itself. The latter, as you probably guessed, is the easiest and traditional way of completing any game purchase on the Switch.

You can also pre-purchase Astral Chain through the recently announced Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers program. On the eShop, you can purchase two Nintendo Switch game vouchers for $99.99. This will allow you to pick two eligible games and potentially save up to $19.99. If you’re not quite sure what these vouchers are or how to use them, you can check out this handy dandy guide here.

To do this, you have to purchase the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers first. Once you do that, then visit the Astral Chain page on the eShop. When you select the pre-purchase option, a prompt will appear giving you the option to use the voucher. If you do want to, you just have to select the appropriate option. If you don’t, you can either select the second option or just press the “B” button which will bring you to the transaction page.

Since this is a “pre-purchase,” you will not be able to play the game right after you buy it. You will have to wait until Astral Chain launches on August 30.

Supported controllers for Astral Chain

There are a few more details about Astral Chain listed on the eShop, most of which are probably expected. The game will support all play modes. This includes both docked and handheld mode. You will also be able to use just about any of the traditional controller variations the Switch has to offer including the Pro Controller. Since Astral Chain is two players, you’ll even be able to use the trusty kickstand on the back of the Switch and play with a friend with your two Joy-Con controllers.