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Fortnite YouTube Drops | How to earn Fortnite loot by watching YouTube

Fortnite and YouTube have partnered up to allow players to earn exclusive Fortnite loot by watching YouTube videos. It really is as simple as it sounds: To earn free loot, all players will need to do is watch specific content on YouTube and they will be rewarded with some cool in-game prizes. The first of the Fortnite YouTube drops starts in the coming days and will continue to be supported for months to come.

Fortnite YouTube Drops | Earn Fortnie loot by watching YouTube

This process is actually pretty simple. All players need to do is follow a few simple steps to link their Fortnite account with their YouTube account. Once that is done, they will be eligible to earn rewards for watching specific Fortnite based videos.

Fortnite YouTube Drops

To earn the first ever Fortnite YouTube drop, players will need to watch 20 minutes of the Game Jam Hollywood or the World Cup broadcast. The Game Jam Hollywood premier will be on July 25 followed by the World Cup Finals the next three days, July 26-28. To earn rewards, watch 20 minute of one of these videos in one sitting. However, make sure you link your accounts first if you want to receive the rewards. Below are details on how to link your account.

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The first thing you’ll need to do is sign into YouTube on a desktop browser. Once you’ve done that, go to your Account page and choose select Settings. From there, find the Connected Accounts option and connect your Epic games account. If you don’t have an Epic Game account, you’ll need to make one. Once you’ve linked the accounts, press Connect and then you’ll be prompted to sign into your Epic account. Once you’ve done this, your account will be linked.

Additionally, you can also link you account from the sponsored video that will provide the Fortnite YouTube drops. To do that, simply go to the video description and select Rewards. From there you can follow some simple prompts that will link your account. Currently, only the Game Jam Hollywood video and the World Cup broadcast are eligible for rewards, but Epic has promised that more events will be coming in the future.