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Fallout 76 Meat Week Event | Primal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat Cook

Fallout 76 has begun preparing for an in game event that is being referred to as Meat Week. That’s right, a week solely dedicated to meat sort of like Thanksgiving. This vegan nightmare will be a limited time event that is technically two separate events: Primal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat Cook. The Fallout 76 Meat Week event is set to begin later this month and will task players with gathering different kinds of meats to bring to the cookout, along with completing some challenges to earn some awesome rewards. Below is everything that you’ll need to know about the carnivorous Fallout 76 Meat Week.

Fallout 76 Meat Week Event | Primal Cuts and Grahm’s Meat Cook

Fallout 76 Meat Week Event

The Meat Week Event will be kicking off on July 30 and is set to last a full week. This event will actually be two separate events that are combined to create one big party. The Primal Cuts event will have players collect meat while the Grahm’s Meat Cook event will task players with helping Grahm host a great party. Keep reading to find out some more details on each event.

Primal Cuts Event

The Primal Cuts event will take place every 15 minutes over the course of Meat Week. There will be three different locations highlighted on the amp that will have some of the most tasty beasts that West Virginia has to offer. Each of these locations have a varying difficulty of enemies, meaning that all ranges of players can participate. Gathering meat will reward players Prime Meat, along with XP and Caps. The meat that is gathered can then be used at the cookout to ensure a good party.

Grahm’s Meat Cook Event

What would summer be without a good cookout? That’s exactly what the Grahm’s Meat Cook event is designed to be. Grahm’s Meat Cook will take place in Fallout 76 ever hour and will allow players from all around will bring the Prime Meat that they collected during the Primal Cuts event and give them to Grahm to cook up in exchange for some Legendary Scrip.

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While he is cooking the tasty protein meal, players will be able to do a couple of tasks for Grahm, like cleanup, extinguishing fires, and more. Helping out Grahm will earn players some barbecue themed loot. The amount of loot received will be based on how successful the party is, which will be based on how many tasks you complete for Grahm. Additionally, players can participate in the event as many times as they would like and will earn rewards each time. However, if you don’t feel like working and would rather kick your feet up, this will also be a good time to socialize with other players.