GTA Online Twitch Prime Not Working | Is there a fix?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still alive and kicking five years after release, and that’s primarily thanks to the efforts of Rockstar in supporting GTA Online with a constant range of new content updates. The latest update is next week’s Diamond Casino and Resort, and it boasts a new casino, new games to gamble on, and a Master Penthouse which gains you access to the new co-op missions. You can get access to this Master Penthouse for free by linking your account to Twitch Prime, but there have been reports of GTA Online Twitch Prime not working. Here’s what you need to do.

How to get the GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards

GTA Online can be linked to Twitch Prime for various bonuses, but if you do it right now before the end of day tomorrow (July 19) you will get access to the Master Penthouse in the upcoming Diamond Casino & Resort update for free, so you’ll have immediate access to the co-op missions and all the penthouse’s features. To link the game, you’ll need to sign in with your Rockstar Social Club account, Twitch Prime, and your gaming account on either PC, Xbox One, or PS4 right here. You can also head here if that doesn’t work.

Is there a fix if it doesn’t work?

If those two links above don’t work for whatever reason, log in to your Rockstar Social Club account and the option will appear just under your username. Twitch Prime may have a link too. You’ll also need to have completed the tutorial in GTA Online and played at least 30 minutes of the game for the benefits to register. As the Casino update isn’t out yet, you may not get access to your benefits immediately, especially as Rockstar says to allow 48 hours for Twitch Prime benefits to appear in-game. You’ll need to check your Twitch Prime account to claim these benefits, as that’s where they’ll appear. Keep trying, it’ll work eventually.