Box art - Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth DLC Update | New game Plus, leaderboards, and challenges

The first Blood and Truth DLC update will be available to download tomorrow (July 26, 2019) bringing a slew of new features. This includes New Game Plus, online leaderboards, and new challenges, giving you more reasons to go back to the PSVR shooting game. To download the new update, all you will need to do is use the “Check for Update” function on the PS4 to begin the installation. If your system is set to download updates automatically, all you have to do is set up the headset and get to shooting. More details about the updates new features can be seen below.

Blood and Truth DLC Update | New Game Plus

As mentioned above, the new Blood and Truth DLC update will bring a New Game Plus mode to the game. Similar to other New Game Plus modes from games like God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man, this will allow you to play the entirety of Blood and Truth with all of your unlocked Weapons, Mods, and Skins. This will give you the opportunity to tackle stages in different ways, as well as find any collectibles or marksmen targets you may need to unlock more guns.

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Blood and Truth DLC Update | Online leaderboards

With every Mission and Challenge concluding with your score, it only makes sense to add an online leaderboard. Functioning as you probably expect, the new feature will compare your high score with other player’s scores around the world; these scores can be filtered by “all time” or with scores from the current week. If you only want to have high score battles with your friends, there is a separate leaderboard with just your PSN friend’s scores. Regardless of who you decide to “compete” with, make sure to accurately hit as many enemies as you can and as quickly as possible to further your high score.

Blood and Truth DLC Update | New challenges

The new Blood and Truth DLC update will also bring new challenges for you to play. Here are all the challenges you can expect to see when the update hits tomorrow from the PlayStation Blog post:

Challenge #6

  • Gun: Pump action shotgun
  • Location: Hanger Underground Storage
  • Focus of challenge: Perfecting your pumping action
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Don’t forget the transitional Targets

Challenge #7

  • Guns: Dual SMGs
  • Location: Desert mission
  • Focus of challenge: Fast paced targets and automatic gun fire
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Use both SMGs or you will miss Targets (tap into your inner Gun-Fu master!)

Challenge #8

  • Guns: Dual sawn-off shotguns
  • Location: Work site
  • Focus of challenge: Fire Discipline
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Make every shot count

Challenge #9

  • Gun: 9mm pistol
  • Location: Underground Lair (HQ Underground)
  • Focus of challenge: Speed and accuracy
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Watch out for the civilians!

Challenge #10

  • Gun: Assault rifle
  • Location: Penthouse Lobby
  • Focus of challenge: Mixing up target distances
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Keep your eyes and your ears open, targets come from everywhere