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Wolfenstein Youngblood Single-Player | How to play solo

Although it is billed mainly as a co-op game, it is still possible to play Wolfenstein Youngblood single-player even though there are two protagonists. While co-op does change the experience a bit and the game is definitely geared for two humans, some players may just want to play it solo. Thankfully, you can, even though it is a bit obfuscated. Here’s how to play Wolfenstein Youngblood single-player.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Single-Player | How to play solo

Wolfenstein Youngblood Single-Player | How to play solo

To start off, go to New Game on the main menu and pick your character. From there, you will see three options: host game, quickmatch, and join game. Host your own game and it will ask you who can join. Pick “Private (online)” or “Nobody “(offline)” if you want to just play by yourself. You can also maybe pick “Friends only (online)” if you trust your buddies to not join your game. But you don’t have to, so don’t.

Once you start the game, you’ll be able to play the whole game by yourself. It’s that easy. Sadly, you also can’t play split-screen co-op no matter what.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Single-Player | Differences from co-op

The game is mostly the same in single-player as you will always have another AI with you. Her intelligence is questionable and can make you wonder how to get revived in the game. You just have to repeatedly call out to her using the jump button. When she is near, you will instantly get up. Again, she’s a little brainless sometimes so you’ll need some patience.

You also can’t get her to target an enemy for synchronized shots. You can hit L1/LB to have her target someone but she will only prioritize that enemy. You can’t direct her in any other way and she’s a bit useless. However, she is fairly good at giving you frequent, helpful Pep Signals, which boost your health or armor.