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H1Z1 Outland Expansion | What to expect

The H1Z1 Outland expansion launched today bringing a slew of new features and updates to the battle royale game for free. Available for PC (known as Z1BR) and PS4, you can check out all the gameplay updates and bug fixes at the bottom of the page. This guide will feature some of the highlights from the new expansion, including the new Outland map, vehicles, weapons, outfits, and marketplace items.

H1Z1 Outland Expansion | Outland map

The “star” of the new H1Z1 expansion is the brand-new Outland map. Made specifically with the battle royale genre in mind, the map was designed to promote both the tactical decision-making and wild, fast-paced combat the genre is known for. Outland contains five different zones, each catering to a different playstyle to help diversify the gameplay.

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While Outland is smaller than the previous map, measuring at 4km x 4km, the aforementioned design choices, as well as its verticality create a unique experience from the original map. Since the map is smaller, encounters happen much quicker, creating a faster-paced match. Essentially, Outland is designed to bring brand-new experiences with every match while still being balanced.

If you want to see the map for yourself right now, you can check out the trailer below with a brief look of the new H1Z1 map.

H1Z1 Outland Expansion | New vehicles and weapons

While the map may be the biggest feature of the H1Z1 Outland expansion, a few new vehicles and weapons will be available to use on the new map. There will be a total of four vehicles and two weapons you will be able to find and use in Outland.

The Untamed and Torque are muscle cars with the former having a ton of power that will allow you to achieve high speeds and get up steep inclines. The Gazelle is a two-seater ATV style vehicle that allows you to traverse across the map quickly. However, since you are not housed in a cockpit, you will be a pretty easy target to pick off. Lastly, the Racer is a Lamborghini-esque sports car that is fairly fragile but will allow you to zip across the map swiftly.

The first new weapon is the Heavy Assault, a rare modern automatic rifle. It is exceptional at medium to long-range that deals great damage, is very accurate, and has an incredibly high rate of fire. The second is the Commando, a common automatic rifle. It is best shot at short to medium range and has moderate damage output, accuracy and fire rate across the board.

H1Z1 Outland Expansion | Outfits and marketplace items

The H1Z1 Outland expansion not only revamps the marketplace, but also features 100 tiers of new Season Rewards. Here are all the new outfits you will be able to grab as of today:

  • Commando (Marketplace, Outfit Set, Tactical Set Crate)
  • Stealth Cat (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Raider (Season Rewards)
  • Baller (Season Rewards)
  • Gokudo (Master Crate)
  • Tech Assassin (Master Crate)
  • LorenZo (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Tactical Hazmat (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Battalion Chief (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Upper Class (Marketplace, Outfit Set)
  • Butcher (Marketplace, Outfit Set)

H1Z1 Outland Expansion | Gameplay updates and bug fixes

A lot of gameplay updates and bug fixes are coming to the H1Z1 Outland expansion to bring a smoother experience to both PS4 and PC players. To highlight a few of the new implementations made, matches will now be quicker for Solos, Duos, and Fives, new female and male character models are introduced, and fall damage has been removed from the game.

All these updates and improvements may be exciting, but sometimes things don’t pan out and more problems arise. If you have any feedback, both positive or negative, about the Outland map or the gameplay updates, you can let the developers know by telling them on the official forum. Upon clicking the link, there is a section called H1Z1 Feedback, with one thread focused on bug reports and a second on suggestions.

You can find the full list of gameplay updates and bug fixes below:


  • Solos, Duos, and Fives match countdowns have been reduced to 60 seconds.
  • Crate or loot bag dropped items are now de-spawning after 120 seconds instead of 300 seconds (performance improvement)
  • The chances of finding a combat shotgun in a purple airdrop has been reduced.
  • The effective range of the EMP Grenade has been increased by 50%.
  • Crossbow explosive damage against players has been reduced by 25%.
  • The featured crates section now includes Tactical Outfits, Weapons, and Rides.
  • 3 new female and 1 new male character models have been introduced in character customization.
  • New weekly, daily, and tutorial challenges have been added to the game.
  • Marketplace UI has been revamped, including the addition of the new Outfit Set tab.
  • Players now take more damage after jumping out of vehicles moving over half speed.
  • Player fall damage has been removed from the game.


  • Weapon rarity/power rating appears correctly on weapons in combat training.
  • Fixed reload animations while the player is crouching.
  • Online ID displays correctly on the FFA match result screen.