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Madden NFL 20 Sliding | How to protect the ball

Madden NFL 20 sliding is the best way for you to protect the ball in the latest edition of EA’s long-running franchise. You might not know how to perform this move on PC, PS4, or Xbox One though. If you don’t, you’ll need our help. Read this guide to find out how to slide in Madden NFL 20, as well as how to protect the ball.

Madden NFL 20 Sliding | Scrambling as your Quarterback


Madden NFL 20 Sliding

Madden NFL 20 sliding is one of the most important parts of gameplay you’ll need to master, but it isn’t explained very well in the game. As such, it can be frustrating for new and established players if there isn’t a tutorial on how to perform this properly. In particular, it’s vital for your Quarterback to know this as they’ll be in charge of the ball for a decent portion of proceedings.

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In order to slide in Madden NFL 20, you’ll need to know what the controls are. Thankfully, it’s very easy to learn and it’ll be second nature before very long. First, you’ll need to make your quarterback “scramble.” This will keep them on the move, and out of the way of bruising tackles from opposition forwards. To do this, press and hold R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One, and the Shift key or right mouse button on the PC.

Once your quarterback scrambles, he’ll head beyond the line of scrimmage. Once that happens, you’ll need to slide to avoid being tackled. To do this, first you have to let go of R2, RT, Shift or Right-click. After that, press Square on your PS4 controller, X on your Xbox One gamepad, or the Q key on your keyboard to perform a slide. If you continue to hold the button to scramble, pressing this button will make your quarterback dive instead, so make sure you stop holding the button to scramble before you go to slide.