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Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019 | Start time, featured Pokemon, exclusive move

The Pokemon Go Community Day for September 2019 is fast approaching, Trainers. You’ll be wanting to know what date it’ll occur on and when its start and end time will be. Not only that, but you’ll also need to know which featured Pokemon and the exclusive move will be the stars of the show. To get all of the details about Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019, check out our guide.

Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019 | End date

Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019

We finally have confirmation from Niantic about the date, start time, and end time for the September 2019 Pokemon Go Community Day. Next month’s special event will take place on Sunday, September 15. It’ll start at 11 AM local time too so, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to start Community Day at 11 AM.

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As has become the norm for Community Day events, you’ll have three hours to enjoy what’s on offer. That means that you’ll need to have caught the featured Pokemon, and made use of the increased Stardust and bonus Lures, by 2 PM local time. The exclusive move should be available for an extra hour though, so don’t fret if you don’t get it before 2 PM. There will be time to evolve one of your caught critters and try to get it for yourself.

Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019 | Featured Pokemon and exclusive move

Pokemon Go Community Day September 2019

We guessed that the featured Pokemon for September’s Community Day would be Turtwig. It turns out we’re masters at speculation, as Turtwig has officially been revealed as the featured Pokemon for next month.

The first Gen IV starter Pokemon to feature during a Community Day, Turtwig spawn rates will be up during this three-hour period. There will be three-hour bonus Lures to catch as many as possible too, and you’ll get 3x the amount of Stardust for every Turtwig you get.

We still don’t know what the exclusive move will be for next month as Niantic hasn’t revealed it yet. The grass-type Pokemon has two evolutions in Grotle and Torterra, and we imagine you’ll have to evolve Turtwig into its final form to get next month’s exclusive move. Once we do know, we’ll update this guide.