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Minecraft Iron Double Doors 1.14 | How to build with Redstone

Do you want to build Minecraft iron double doors? Iron doors require a switch, and making use of a single door is easy enough: A button, lever, or pressure plate on either side of the door will let you activate it. Trying to do the same with iron double doors doesn’t work the same, but it’s a problem that can be fixed with Redstone. Not a Redstone genius? No problem, we’ll break it down for you easy as pumpkin pie!

Minecraft Iron Double Doors

Minecraft Iron Double Doors 1.14 | Simple Iron Double Doors

To get a basic set of Minecraft iron double doors to work, it’s helpful to understand the concept of Redstone signals. Putting a button, lever, or pressure plate on either side will only transfer the signal to that side, and not to the other door. Putting double pressure plates down will kind of work, but stepping on only one of the two plates will open a single door rather than both.

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Thankfully, the solution to this is simple and cheap. You will need:

  • 2 iron doors
  • 4 pressure plates or 2 buttons (or both!)
  • 10 pieces of Redstone
  • 4 Redstone repeaters

Dig a pit four blocks wide, five blocks long, and two blocks deep. Build a line four blocks wide and one block deep in the middle (the teal blocks in the above image). Finally, build two blocks on top of that and put the doors on top of them.

You’ll now have a free space one block below the doors to the left and right. Place a single piece of Redstone on either side. Next, place a Redstone repeater facing this block on both sides. Finally, place a line of Redstone dust connecting the back ends of both repeaters on either side.

The signal to open the door must be fed to this back line of Redstone. You can do that by putting pressure plates above them, but you can also hook it up to a button if you’re worried about mobs triggering the door inadvertently.

The Minecraft iron double doors plan shown above works well enough, but what if you’re riding a horse? You’ll get hurt every time you walk through the doorway—unless you make things a little bit bigger.

Minecraft Iron Double Doors

Minecraft Iron Double Doors 1.14 | Double Doors and Trap Doors

Double doors will work well enough for most situations, but what if you need a little more headroom? A 2 wide by 3 high piston door is easy enough to make, but you might not be able to find slime balls right away. Thankfully, you can make a safe 2×3 door utilizing iron doors and iron trapdoors.

This version of the Minecraft iron double doors is a little bit bigger and more resource-intensive, but it’s not that much harder to build. You will need:

  • 2 iron doors
  • 2 iron trapdoors
  • 4 pressure plates, 2 buttons, or both
  • 14 pieces of Redstone
  • 10 Redstone repeaters
  • 6 Redstone torches

Firstly, dig out an eight-wide by five-long by two-deep pit. Place a six-wide single line of blocks across the middle, and then another two blocks above those in the middle for the doors to sit on. Next, place repeaters feeding into the outer four blocks on both sides as shown in the image above (look at the teal blocks). Lastly, place a line of six redstone behind these repeaters, much like you can do with the other design above.

Next, place a Redstone torch on the end block of this center line on both sides. Place a block above this torch and put another torch on top of it. Drop one more block on top of this one and then place a block towards the doors. Put a Redstone repeater facing the open space where your iron trapdoors will go above the iron double doors. Finally, place the iron trapdoors in the open space.

This is more complex because iron trapdoors default to open rather than closed, so you need to invert the Redstone signal for it to properly activate. Place pressure plates or a button as usual and you’ll see the iron double doors open with the iron trapdoors following after a short delay.