Box art - Blair Witch

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock Code Location

About midway through Blair Witch, you’ll run into a lock at the sawmill that requires a combo to unlock. The sawmill lock functions precisely the same as the one you find securing the bunker, but the code is easier to locate.

How do you open the lock at the sawmill in Blair Witch?

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock Tape

To open the sawmill lock in Blair Witch, you’ll need to find the code. Fortunately, it’s not too far away. You’ll need to first head to the building across from the one nearest the lock. Inside, you’ll find a red tape on a table that you can view in your camcorder. This newfound tape will allow you to manipulate the doors in the opposite building.

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock Door 1 open

You’ll notice that the building near the sawmill lock is inaccessible when you first enter the area. Once you have the tap, you can fast forward it to the part where the man opens the first door. Exit the camera interface, and you’ll be able to enter the sawmill.

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock Door 2 open

Once inside, there are no other passages you can enter or items nearby, so return to your tape and fast forward it to the part where the running man opens the interior door. Pause it there, and you’ll see that a door to a small room has opened.

Enter this smaller room and explore. You’ll find a note on the typewriter, and if you search the drawers you’ll find a piece of paper with the following numbers:

  • 3
  • 3
  • 2
  • 4

That’s your code!

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock unlock

Return to the lock outside and enter the code as follows:

  • Move the first lever to the third slot.
  • Move the second lever to the third slot.
  • Move the third lever to the second slot.
  • Move the fourth lever to the fourth slot.

Once you’ve entered the code correctly, the lock will drop off the gate, and you can open it.