How to Invite Friends in Minecraft Earth

You might think that the Minecraft Earth invite friends feature is as easy as it is in the original game. With this being a mobile phone game, however, there are some different steps you must take in order to play with mates in the same world. If you’re playing through the beta currently, or if you’re curious about how to invite friends in Minecraft Earth in general, our guide will teach you how. Read on to see how you can bring friends into your world, and what happens when you decide to end your sessions in-game.

How do I invite friends to join my Minecraft Earth world?

Minecraft Earth invite friends

Don’t worry, there isn’t some convoluted way that the Minecraft Earth invite friends feature works. The steps you have to take are easy ones, but it works differently than it does in Minecraft.

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When you’re in your build plate, you have the option to “Invite Friend” to your world to join you in all the adventures and activities Minecraft Earth offers. If you tap this, a QR code will be generated on your phone. Any nearby friends can scan this QR code to join you.

In order for a mate to join your world, they’ll have to tap the “Join Friend” option on their build plate. From there, they can scan the code and be transported into your build. Once arrived, you can then interact with one another. Bear in mind you have to be in the same location for this to work: You can’t be across town from each other as your friend wouldn’t be able to scan the QR code.

Minecraft Earth Invite Friends| Session end

Minecraft Earth invite friends

If you decide you’ve had enough fun digging, killing mobs, and building things, you can always quit the game. If you do, you don’t have to worry about your friends destroying your builds either. As soon as you disconnect from the game, they’ll be kicked out of your world and your buildings will be safe.