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Minecraft iPhone Cheats

Cheat Codes

When creating a world at the start, you can input seed codes to change the environment. Here are some of the best ones and what they do:

  • johnny appleseed - this creates a world filled with villages
  • infinity - you spawn in a world with floating islands
  • AcE - for those of you who want to live by the ocean
  • sylph - a village, but with an intricate labyrinth below, rich in minerals
  • 1405119578 - the closest thing to a Grand Canyon you’ll find in the game
  • Thevenommonkey - two large floating islands
  • When mining for coal, stone axe is your best tool.

General Tips

  • Make sure you can get out of the hole you’re digging. Many people ignore this basic rule and get stuck in the ground.
  • You can play either survival mode where you have to gather resources and fight enemies once the night comes or creative mode with unlimited resources and no enemies.
  • You can also customize the survival mode to remove enemies if you like. Simply go to the settings and move the difficulty slider to the left.
  • Make a compass to find your way more easily.
  • Remember, you can break down anything you don’t need by hitting it with your weapon and collecting resources afterwards.
  • What you have to do is get any amount of BIRCH WOOD(white), any amount of OAK WOOD(brown, but not as dark as spruce wood), and a furnace. Then, put all the BIRCH WOOD in the bottom of the furnace, and the OAK WOOD will be BIRCH WOOD.
  • In PE if on your world (server) you have a beach x2, a mountain and lots of rivers, then this is the cheat for you. Firstly, follow one of your rivers (i always take a bed just in case) and when you find a beach that goes inland, follow the beach. If the beach does not lead into a mountain (and i mean INTO the mountain) then go back to the river and find another beach, but if the beach does go into the mountain, mine into the mountain, this took me about 4-5 minecraft days (thats why take bed) and also take about 20 wooden pickaxes or 10 stone or 13 gold or 3 iron or 2 diamond. In the centre of the mountain you will find a long shaft. On the walls of the shaft there will be loads of minecart rails. If not find a bigger mountain.