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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne How to Beat Beotodus | Material drops and carves

Beotodus is the first new monster you’ll face in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. While Beotodus isn’t too hard to take down, when you meet it, you’ll still be getting used to the layout and perils of Hoarfrost Reach. As such, the fight can be tricky, especially given the high speed with which Beotodus moves about.

Below, we’ll address the first fight with Beotodus, but you can use the same strategies in any hunt. We’ll also tell you all the Beotodus material carves and drops in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne so you can collect the materials you need to forge new weapons and armor.

Where to find Beotodus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Attack

The very first Master Rank quest, “Baptism by Ice” has you fighting the Beotodus, so finding it is required to move forward in the game. You’ll first run into the monster in area 2 of Hoarfrost Reach, and it’ll be introduced in a cutscene before you’re thrust directly into the fight.

Outside of the first quest, you’ll find that Beotodus has a pretty wide range throughout the lower half of Hoarfrost Reach. You won’t find it in the mountainous northern areas of the map, or the underground caves, but it carves a lazy circle through the snowy, wooded regions. It’s not too hard to find, and you can usually pick up its tracks in area 1 or 2 of Hoarfrost Reach pretty easily.

Best weapons and armor for fighting Beotodus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Beotodus has ice-based attacks, and it’s susceptible to fire and poison. Since this is the first monster you’ll be facing in Iceborne, you’ll have to depend on the weapons and armor you crafted in the base game to take it on. This can leave you at a bit of a disadvantage since you probably don’t have armor that protects against ice damage and Iceblight. After all, the Legiana is the only base game monster that deals ice-based damage, so you didn’t really need armor to protect against it until now.

The only essential items to bring here are:

  • Hot Drinks
  • Iceproof Mantle
  • Mega and Max Potions
  • Nulberries (For curing Iceblight)
  • Screamer Pods
  • Stamina restoring items

You likely won’t have a large stock of Hot Drinks since you just got to Hoarfrost Reach. However, if you pick Hot Peppers in Hoarfrost Reach they’re set by default to autocraft Hot Drinks. You’ll need these Hot Drinks while your Iceproof Mantle is cooling down to stave off the negative stamina hit you get from being too cold.

If you want to be extra careful, you can equip the Legiana (Alpha) family of armor which is strong against ice. The Legiana Greaves Alpha also give you a Level 2 Ice Resistance boost which will help you be less susceptible to Iceblight. However, I rocked the fight with my Nergigante (Alpha) set which is also strong against ice, though you don’t get the bonus of the Ice Resistance skill. Since the Iceproof Mantle makes you immune to Iceblight, I recommend wearing the armor with the highest defense stat that doesn’t add any weakness to the ice element.

For weaponry, you just need something that has added fire, thunder, and/or poison damage. Beotodus isn’t that difficult if you can lessen its ability to afflict you with Iceblight and impede its quick movements (which we’ll show you how to do below).

How to beat Beotodus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

When the fight starts, you should immediately equip the Iceproof Mantle. This will allow you to move faster in the thick snow which Beotodus prefers to fight in and also make you immune to the Iceblight status effect. When the Iceproof Mantle wears off, prepare to heal Iceblight with Nulberries and replace any lost stamina with rations or other food items.

The biggest thing to remember when fighting Beotodus is to stick close to it. Its most potent attacks come from the front, and it has several long-range attacks that cover a wide area. Sticking to its sides will allow you to avoid many of its more powerful attacks as well as chipping away at its biggest weakness, its swim fins.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Surfaced

If you manage to break its swim fins, Beotodus will surface, and you’ll be able to fight on a more even footing. It’s a lot slower once it has surfaced, which should allow you to get quite a bit of damage in before it inevitably plunges back into the snow.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Submerged

When swimming, Beotodus will cover itself in a layer of ice which will act as armor against your attacks. Make sure to keep your weapon sharp so you can bust through the ice easily. Even though sticking to its side will help you to avoid the monster’s more powerful attacks, Beotodus does become dangerous when it dives. When submerged, it can burst out of the ground with an assault with a surprisingly long range. After it dives, your best bet is to keep evading until it comes up swimming and then pick back up the attack. Screamer Pods are good for momentarily interrupting the Beotodus, so if you find yourself in a stick situation, fire one off and regroup.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Turf War

When the fight hits area 1, there’s a good chance Banbaro will appear. As long as you don’t aggro the Banbaro, it will engage in a turf war with Beotodus which will do quite a bit of damage. The Banbaro shouldn’t be aggressive toward you unless you accidentally damage it, so just hang back until it goes on its way.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Captured

Eventually, Beotodus will retreat to area 3 where it makes its den. This monster is capturable, so if you choose you can hit it with a Shock Trap while it’s asleep and two Tranq Bombs later the fight will be over.

Beating Beotodus isn’t too tough, but as it’s the first fight in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne its easy to get overwhelmed. Just follow the tips above, and you’ll take this snow shark down in no time.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beotodus Materials | Drops, Carves, Breaks

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beotodus Armor

You can get the following materials from Beotodus:


  • Beotodus Shard


  • Beotodus Cortex
  • Large Wyvern Tear


  • Beotodus Hardhorn (Head)
  • Beotodus Grandfin (Back)