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Gears 5 Achievements Not Unlocking Bug Fix

It looks like parts of the community are going to war with The Coalition over a Gears 5 achievements not unlocking bug. Our gears are grinding at this issue so we’re sure yours are too. This bug isn’t letting achievements pop up after players have apparently completed their objectives, and the issue is so widespread that it’s affecting lots of different achievements. If you want to know how to fix this (even though you probably can’t yet) or at least the latest update on the glitch, you’ll need to read our Gears 5 achievements not unlocking guide. Hop to it, soldier.

Gears 5 Achievements Not Unlocking | Why aren’t my achievements popping up?

Gears 5 Achievements Not Unlocking

The achievements glitch doesn’t just affect one of them unlocking, but quite a number, in fact. You only have to take a look at the Gears of War Reddit page, the game’s official forums, or other internet hideouts to see that it’s prevalent across the board.

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Players have complained that achievements relating to insane difficulty, Discovered the True Threat of Sera, and countless others are failing to unlock. This is in spite of players completing the campaign or other mode challenges, and it’s particularly galling as player progression is showing that they have actually completed the required achievement prerequisites.

How to fix Gears 5 Achievements Not Unlocking bug

Gears 5 Achievements Not Unlocking

If you came here for a definitive fix, we have some bad news. There is no solution to Gears 5 achievements not unlocking just yet. However, The Coalition is hard at work fixing all bugs related to the game. You only need to take a quick look at the company’s Twitter account to see how hard the developers are working to resolve every major issue, so a fix for this achievement bug shouldn’t be too far behind.

A recent tweet showed that progression, character levels, and other stats have been fixed. With this sorted, the achievements fix should be next. After all, they’re linked to game progression, so we ought have a solution release via patch sometime in the near future. You can help move this issue along, however, by lodging a ticket at the game’s support page.