Motor World: Car Factory iPhone Cheats

Cash glitch

This glitch allows u to get cash instantly. If u want alot of money fast build a really expensive car. So after u have made a car and it's on the car lot u have to:

Tap the car

Buy all the upgrades

Put the car at the lowest price

Tap OK but make sure when u tap OK quickly tap the same car again (or just when someone loves it)

Once you're in the car options again tap the up arrow so that the car is at the highest price

Then tap OK for the last time

And once u have done all this tap the car one more time to sell it.


Try to alternate between completing Quests and straight up making money, as you'll need good reserves of cheddar to complete the timed missions quickly.

Occasionally, you'll see a very fast moving blur tear past the screen. Try to catch it.

At times, you'll see a chap with a camera in the windows of the factory. Tap on him for a bonus.