Pokemon Masters Lyra Event Release Date

Trainers, it seems that a Pokemon Masters Lyra event is almost upon us. Dataminers have unearthed the next special event featuring the New Bark Town Trainer and its release date couldn’t be much closer. To get more information on its start and end time, as well as what we can expect from this event, you’ll have to check out our Pokemon Masters Lyra event article. There really isn’t any time to wait, so get reading.

Pokemon Masters Lyra Event | Start and end time

pokemon masters lyra event

Before we dive into the release date for the Pokemon Masters Lyra event, let’s see why we think it’s almost imminent. A tweet, published on the Japanese Pokemon Masters Twitter account, showed off an image that contains Lyra and Chikorita. The tweet, when translated, reveals that more information on this Sync Pair will be coming soon.

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However, data miners have broken into the game’s files and appear to have found when the release date will be. According to one source, Lyra and Chikorita will be available to add to your roster from Tuesday, September 17. There isn’t a start time for when the event will be patched through, however, but you can stay tuned to this guide for more information when we have it.

The Lyra event will almost certainly be very similar to the Blue event that we covered a couple of weeks ago. Much like Blue, you’ll only have random chances to add Lyra and Chikorita to your Sync Pair pool of Trainers and Pokemon. They’ll only be available for a limited time before the next event is patched into the game, so try to get them while you can.

If you don’t manage to add them to your roster, don’t despair. There’s always the chance that they’ll appear again if the event is brought back. Alternatively, they could be made available to buy in the game store, but that will set you back real cash.